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Cowardice in the West - With Western Culture Goes Courage and Honor

On July 22nd of last year, Anders Breivik went on his murder spree. He started out by detonating a bomb at a government building is Oslo, Norway. he then went on to the island of Utoya, where he murdered 69 or 70 people from who were attending a Left-wing Worker's Youth League (UAF) summer camp being held on the island. Most of the murdered were teenagers. It was disgusting.

I will not go into detail on Breivik's motivations, delusions, lack of empathy, or the subsequent attacks, post-Gabrielle Giffords’ shooting-style, of the Leftist media on conservative writers and personalities. The Left utilizes their concept of Political Correctness as a form of censorship. In cases such as these, those who oppose governmental policies such as those of Norway (massive Muslim immigration, horrific crime waves as a result, and hemophiliatic-type Leftist policies that bleed the nation dry) are supposed to be afraid that a bad guy will commit a crime(s). Whether or not the works of the conservative personalities are cited by the bad guy, it is they who will be blamed for inciting the criminal. Even absolutely non-political and innocent people got drawn in to the finger-pointing following the Giffords’ shooting "Well, you gotta admit that there has been so much anger and hate being said and written lately that something was bound to occur as a result ". Writers who publicly abhor violence and never met Breivik nor had any contact with came under attack by the Left as they swooped in on an opportunity to silence their critics, right though they are.

As Breivik’s trial begins, some details that did not reach very far until now have surfaced. Eskil Pedersen, the leader of the UAF, fled on the ferry, ironically (And I do not speak Norwegian), that appears to be named Thor's Bear (Thorbjorn), that left the island while the attack was ongoing. I am not playing armchair quarterback in this case and will not question the actual decision of the ferry Captain to pull away from the dock. For all he knew, Breivik was going to target the ferry itself with all of the passengers herded into a corner.

How does one flee on a boat named after the warrior hammer-god of his ancestors? I guess that Leftist ideology has no room for the Halls of Valhalla for the brave who fall in battle.

What I question is Pedersen's ability to live with himself after ensuring that he, a leader of the AUF, was able to get away when children were not. As I noted on my earlier post on the Concordia* sinking, those who want the status and power of leadership positions must accept that circumstances may occur which require them to do all that they can to help others, even if it means placing one's life in danger.

When someone is in charge of an event in which children (Including teenagers) that basic requirement becomes mandatory. If you head an organization or event in which young people participate, you forfeit for the time being your right and obligation to take immediate measures to seek safety for yourself.

The Left has made excising our history a crucial part of their agenda to create a society in which the people have no knowledge, or even a passing interest in gaining knowledge of, their history**. The Left needs to create blank slates in people's minds if they want to convince them that Leftist ideology is the way to go. As I have written before, early Marxists such as George Lukacs and Antonio Gramsci realized that Western Culture was too strong a bulwark for their ideas to gain a real foothold in society. Hence, we have the phrase of Lukacs '"Who will save us from Western Civilization?".

Western culture imbued in a person too much emphasis of sacrifice, religion and morals, courage, respect for the history of one's nation, and a sense of individual and ethnic identity for Mr. Lukacs' tastes. Our result is our current Cultural Marxism, one in which the people grow up knowing nothing except what they have been fed by their Leftists handlers. In fact the UAF is an organization that is dedicated to poisoning the minds of young people in this very manner. Of course, no one wants people to be murdered, but also I find it ironic that people such as Pedersen, who lately make warping the minds of the youth a main mission of theirs, are not themselves willing to die for the cause.

Norwegians have quite a bit of which to be proud. Theirs is on one of the nations from which the Northmen (Viking) culture developed. Although, like almost every other ancient culture, the Northmen practiced things we are very happy to have excised, such as slave-taking, and robbing and killing people, they also had an extremely strong sense of honor. The honor of the Northmen manifested itself in two ways; that of the warrior for whom cowardice meant social expulsion, and the supreme importance of that warrior’s word. Indeed, for their cousins, the Swedes and Danes, the importance of one's word of honor was a major factor in the decision of the Byzantine Court to employ these people in the Varangian Guard, which protected the Emperor. Once one of these men gave his oath, he was known to be more trustworthy than other soldiers of the Empire, who may be persuaded to join in on a palace coup/assassination. Among other things, they had an extraordinarily rich culture of metallurgy, shipbuilding and trade, navigation, and art and storytelling. Norway itself, having zero colonial history, cannot even be counted among the nations that supposedly have to pay for subjugating the Third World.

As with our youth in the US, I expect that young Norwegians know little or nothing about their history and culture. What they are allowed to know is only the bad parts, and those are expounded upon mercilessly by their Leftist mind-controllers.

A few years ago, I accidentally stumbled into a situation that, to me, encapsulates the attitude of Leftist-minded individuals. The story goes like this...

At a birthday party for my sister's son (My nephew), the subject of sharks came up. The immediate trigger for this subject was a shark attack on a child in Florida in which the child's Uncle physically fought the shark to free the child. I thought that it would be a good example to illustrate my personal take on the situation as I am quite afraid of shark attacks when in the ocean. (What do you want? - I saw Jaws when I was nine). My point was that, regardless of how afraid I am of sharks, I truly thought that, had I witnessed any person being attacked, my sheepdog personality would result in a welling up of anger and fortitude in me sufficient to overcome my fears and head right for the attacking animal. My sister's old friend from childhood, who was a very Leftist-minded person, thought that it would be best to clarify what I would do before helping the victim. She stated "Well, you would first make sure that you got your children out of the water". I was speechless for a few seconds and asked her why she or anybody else would even consider wasting precious time when someone's life was in immediate danger. I added that, at most, I would order my kids any all other young people onto the shore but that nothing else would delay me from putting my body between the threat and the victim. My sister’s friend, in her upside-down manner of thought, truly meant well. She had been so indoctrinated on a cultural level that anything else was foreign to her. To her, the idea of Horatio Cocles putting his arms, armor, and body between attacking Etruscans and the bridge that was being destroyed by his countrymen to slow down the attack, and possibly save his city, would be the same as if I came out with a phase spoken in Mandarin Chinese.

Accounts such as that of Horatio Cocles at the bridge are the essence of courage and sacrifice, and honor as perceived in Western Culture.

Talking measures to hold your kid’s hands as you pull them onto shore while someone is in immediate danger is being nothing more than a sheep as opposed to a sheepdog. The Left want sheep, not sheepdogs, people who will first think of running away before anything else. They want people entirely dependant on the state for protection, not people who will take measures to protect themselves.

The Left also has placed tremendous emphasis on the destruction of the protective responsibilities of the male. While I of course wouldn’t prevent a woman or gay man ***(Nor would I care who helped as long as people were willing) from helping me face the threat (I have met many strong and courageous people from both groups), the heterosexual male is normally going to be the one who is going to fight and will fight the hardest. His body and mind are mind for this type of action. Although it turns out that Pedersen is openly gay, I hold that this case, it means nothing. He was a man, he leads the UAF, and the teenagers were attending a summer camp sponsored by his group. All of these effects point to a clear obligation of his to stand his ground and do what he could to help, even if it was only helping them find better hiding places.

Pedersen, trying to make excuses, was recently quoted stated that Breivik had memorized the features of Pedersen’s face from photos so that he could target the UAF leader on the island. Well, Pedersen did not know that at the time and if he did, that is all the more reason to ensure that the bad guy gets you before any young person.

The actions of Pedersen, like those of Captain Schettino of the Concordia, illustrate the level to which we have sunk in the West. I could never show my face in public if I did half of what they did (or did not do). Even if I had run at first, I would hope that seeing the name of the warrior hammer-god of my ancestors on a boat would have made me turn back.

There were in fact numerous instances of bravery on Utoya during the massacre, unfortunately, none of those acts were due to the efforts of their leader. Maybe he was too important.


**On the excising of history by the Left

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