Saturday, April 7, 2012

National Socialists -New Black Panthers in Florida

"The New Black Panther Party was in Sanford on Saturday to lead a “Self Defense and Survival Training.”

The group has been front and center in the Martin case nearly from the beginning. Representatives from the NBPP have appeared on cable news programs and in all forms of the media demanding “justice for Trayvon.” They have also offered a $10,000 bounty for the “arrest” of George Zimmerman and been involved in several different rallies and marches related to the case. And, as reported earlier this week on The Blaze, NBPP is also pushing its National Day of Action & Absence.

The National Socialist Movement (NSM) claims to have brought armed patrols to the area to protect the locals…specifically whites who they claim are “concerned for their safety.”

As reported by the Miami New Times, Commander Jeff Shoep, a leader of the NSM, said his group is not pushing violence or race riots.

“We are not advocating any type of violence or attacks on anybody, but we are prepared for it,” he says. “We are not the type of white people who are going to be walked all over.' 

"Well, this is just great - As if the top two stories were not enough, National Socialists (That's Nazi- National Socialist Worker's Party) and New Black Panthers are set to square off against each other in Florida following the Martin shooting.That's what we needed. With all of our financial and security related problems, races/ethnic groups are being pitted against each together.

It seems that we are being corralled into a situation in which race-related violence may be a foregone conclusion.

We keep being told that Blacks are the only recipients of racist thought and violence, but there is a significant amount of anti-white violence committed by Blacks. That is of course ignored by the Leftist Media. The reported details of the Martin shooting were heavily weighted against the shooter from the beginning, right down to the flattering young-kid photos that we now believe were five years old; almost a lifetime when considering the changes that can happen to a boy's personality during those key years.

I personally detest oppressing or committing violence against any innocent person. I also detest the thought of US citizens, many of whom have been in this nation for several generations, getting ready to fight each other. Obama's idiotic statements concerning the Martin shooting and the Cambridge arrest of his jerk-friend Gates, so blatantly contrary to that which a person with common sense would say upon being asked about an event of which he knew no details, seem intended to exacerbate racial tensions.

I have every reason to believe that the Left, including many in the Democratic Party, the Media*, and the President himself, would want us fighting each other. Such a violent and chaotic situation will be a good catalyst for a seizure of all political power.

My call is that right-thinking  whites and blacks have to begin getting together for real dialogue. There are indeed people in the American Black community who were never sold on Obama's promises in the first place and who know that the Great Society has impoverished way more Blacks than it has helped out of  a state of poverty. Americans who stand for America need to unite against the Leftist agenda and the politics of Division. Before we get started, we need to take all past issues off the table and get down to what do we need to do now. Unlike this who consider the learning of History to be a waste of time, I have always advocated learning and knowing history so that we do in fact have a chance to make an informed decision about what we need to do; that and being immune to false claims of those who would try to paint a picture of the past that did not exist. Well, white oppression of Blacks and anti-white violence are probably two of the few things about our history that we do know well, the rest having been excised from textbooks long ago. Since we already know it well, any more mentioning of it will amount to finger-pointing and will serve no good purpose.

We have enough problems in this nation. I for one don't need to be telling white supremacists to go pound salt while at the same time worrying that someone I know may be the target of anti-white violence. If we do not begin setting the record straight, and addressing  the crime problem as well as any possible lingering notions of institutional racism against blacks, more and more Whites and Blacks will find themselves seeking shelter behind either a terribly powerful Leftist government, or racist groups such as the National Socialists or the New Black panthers. I for one want neither of the two options.

*Lo and behold, the 911 tape of the Martin shooting was edited by an NBC producer.

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