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Agenda 21 Video - Democrats Against Agenda 21

Both links will take you to a page that has a very important video. I personally cannot stand videos of talks/speeches - they are long, slow, and the speeches take forever to actually provide the information for which I am looking. Yes, I am impatient. As soon as I come across a link to a video, I immediately search around in an attempt to find a text version of the talk. I focus better when I read and I can draw the information that I want from the text much more quickly. In this case, I could not find any text, but I found the video more than worth the time it took and was very glad that I finished it.

Please watch the video. The speaker is quite good. Her name is Rosa Koire. She belongs to a group named Democrats Against UN Agenda 21. (Link above). Her qualifications to speak on this subject amount to being way overqualified. For a living, she appraises the value of properties for which a governing body is planning to exercise Eminent Domain. This requires her to be knowledgeable about everything one can imagine and more concerning zoning regulations and changes to the same, long-term development (or redevelopment) plans for those areas, restrictions, what have you. Quite simply, the woman knows her stuff.

Ms. Koire makes a point of making sure that the viewer/listener is fully aware that she is a Liberal Democrat, a Lesbian, (Adding that she is proud of it) and a person that only fairly recently began reciting the Pledge of Allegiance at events, Upon being asked if she used the "under God" insertion, she stated that she did not and then briefly indicated that her views of the Separation of Church and State fall on the one of the two extreme sides (The other being the position that Christianity was only a half-step away from being a sort of institutional belief) of the intentions of our Founding Fathers. I personally find it quite  frustrating that few people are willing to  admit that there is a middle ground in  this issue. On one hand we have people who treat the mention of God or the general culture of Christan beliefs of ethics of our nation as a sort of virulent contagion, and on the other, an adamant insistence that the US was meant to be a country in which Christianity was to be almost a State religion but without the naming of any one particular Church body as the official one.

I am not particularly crazy about people throwing details out their sexual life in public settings. I hold that it is none of my business what someone does in their private life unless they, in the highly unlikely event, want my opinion. If, I for example, went to go-go joints (For the record, I do not), I would not be informing people of that and certainly would not be proud of it. I do, though think that there was a reason for her statements in her case. The Left has fashioned itself into a coalition of Marxists, Liberal Democrats, Gays and Lesbians, environmentalists, some radical Atheists, and others who stand against much of what are parts of the foundations of our nation. In being as forward as Ms. Koire is in the video, she shows that not all people on the very Liberal side are swarming around those who hold our Rights and Liberties dear and seek to reduce us to a state of utter subjection to the State. All in all, she is a straight-shooter who clearly is desirous of maintaining our Rights and Liberties. So she goes on the Good Guy list.

I could not do justice to the content of her speech, so I will not even attempt to summarize it. She has seen the future firsthand. You will learn about the ICLEI* -International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives (She helpfully gives us the pronunciation 'Eye-Clee") She also notes that, while keeping their acronym, they have dropped using the word "international" due to the obvious connotations of that word, and simply gone with the term "Local Governance for Sustainability". She describes the beginnings of Agenda 21, with its introduction at the Rio Summit in 1992** by Maurice Strong, and explains the means by which it was put into place in the US. Most importantly, she details the steps that you can take to combat the spread of this movement in your community.


**Note that in June of this year, there will be another Summit in Rio to mark the 20-year anniversary of the first conference. I expect the Summit to declare that everything is going well and that they will move from the "Soft Law" approach - one in which the plans are more like moral guidelines, to one that provides clear penalties for the failure to comply.

...and one last website. This is associated with Democrats against Agenda 21:

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