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Crucial Revision-UN Scientists Call to Move People Into Cities - More Agenda 21

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Check out this quote from the article linked above. It was made by the same person who is quoted at more length in the main post:

"But she
[Karen Seto] said the global population was increasing and "we certainly don't want them strolling about the entire countryside. We want them to save land for nature by living closely [together].' "

"We" of course are the Leftists, Environmentalists, and those who advocate dismantling national borders and governments. "We" is [sic] the committee or coalition of committees that will put together a grand scheme and market it as "The Consensus". Watch for that word - it indicates a pre-determined plan for your future; one in which you have no say.

You are the targeted species. You are being slotted for a cattle drive of epic proportions. You will not be a cowboy in this case. You won't be sent to the Chicago Slaughterhouses; those guys are busy running the nation in DC. You will, though, be legislated, regulated,  priced-out (From new taxes, etc.), or forced outright  from urban areas to approved urban zones. You will not be allowed to choose the region in which you will live, nor will you be able to choose the type of building in which you will reside. You will not be allowed to stroll "about the countryside" - that will be reserved for nature and the corporate-owned farms operated by farmhands as opposed to farmers.

This thing is not a joke. Links at the bottom provide a more through introduction.

Original Post Below-
....yet another indication that those who warn against Agenda 21 are not making this up:

The American way of life is clearly targeted for destruction.

For people new to Agenda 21, there is a lot to digest here and I am writing to an audience that for the most part has been aware of this plan for some time. There are links at the bottom that will provide a good start if you are asking yourself "What is this guy talking about?" That's what I did when I was new.

A group of UN scientists have outlined (Very Briefly and worryingly devoid of details) their call to begin moving people out of rural and, especially suburban areas, and bring them into cites. As is common with those who push the Hydra that is Agenda 21, the reasoning is that the environment must be protected. The conclusion is that, in order to do so, people must be encouraged, cajoled, ushered, or forced into urban areas.
Italics and bolding are mine 

The question isn’t whether to urbanize but how, says Dr. Michail Fragkias of Arizona
State University, one of nearly 3000 participants at the conference, entitled “Planet
Under Pressure”. Unfortunately, he adds, today’s ongoing pattern of urban sprawl
puts humanity at severe risk due to environmental problems. Dense cities designed
for efficiency offer one of the most promising paths to sustainability,
and urbanization spec
ialists will share a wealth of knowledge available to drive solutions.

The following is also an excerpt but I broke it up to aid in the translation. Mind you, the bolded parts are quotes from the paper.

Here are some of their suggestions for making sure that they know -

High-tech ways to improve the efficiency of urban operations and human health and
well-being include:

Not just who you are, but the state of your health (And presumably that of your family history) -

• Rapid patient screening and diagnostics with digitalised health records;
How much electricity (and water) you are using -

• Utility meters and sensors that monitor the capacity of the power generation network and continually gather data on supply and demand of electricity;

Where you are going -

• Integrated traveller information services and toll road pricing based on traffic,
weather and other data;

....and those with whom you speak (And probably the content of the conversation).

Data gathering and feedback from citizens using mobile phones;

Let's see what else they said:

"Says Prof. Karen Seto of Yale University, who with colleagues is organizing four of the
160 conference sessions at Planet Under Pressure: ”The way cities have grown since
World War II is neither socially or environmentally sustainable and the environmental cost of ongoing urban sprawl is too great to continue.' "

"For these reasons, “the planet can’t afford not to urbanize,” says Seto. “People everywhere, however, have increasingly embraced Western styles of architecture and
urbanization, which are resource-intense and often not adapted to local climates.
The North American suburb has gone global, and car-dependent urban developments are more and more the norm"

 Urban sprawl means suburbs, the arch-enemy of the Left and environmentalists. She makes her point clear when she specifies the really bad "North American suburb". Here we see another poke at our "Western styles of architecture". That must mean our houses that are designed for single families. Single-family homes are an absolute evil to these people and are specifically named in other works and papers of theirs. I personally do not like McMansions, but these are just the decoys, not the targets - your small ranch or Cape Cod-style house are the real targets, there are many more of these. Don't forget the car-dependent comment. The Agenda 21 guys and gals want you on public transportation only. Personal cars have to go.

Dwellings for people of Western culture have normally been designed for individual families, starting with the wagons that moved Indo-European people* from their origin North of the Black Sea North and Westward into Europe and South and Eastward into other parts of Asia.  Virtually all European societies, including those of the non-IE Basques, Sami, Finns, Hungarians, (Maybe I missed one) were based on single-family or, at most, extended family homes. The Roman historian Tacitus, for example, in his Germania, describes the homes of the ancient Germans as being pretty close to those that we still like today. Other ancient European peoples such as the Celts, Greeks, and Italics were the same.Cities came on the scene, but they never replaced the single-family dwelling as the primary housing unit. People of Western culture like our homes the way they are and how they have been. Rome's growth illustrated the problem with urban growth; as more and more people flocked to the cities (**More details in links at bottom) the new urban citizens did little more than add the already-high demand for cheap and/or free bread.

*You should know that the Left, by employing their legions in Academia, has been trying to persuade the public that none of these migrations happened, just like they now like to claim that the Jews were never were in Egypt and therefore have no real history. The idea is to convince Westerners that they have no common heritage and are just descended from Neolithic farmers who just happened to have spread a remarkably similar language group and culture among each other. There is an entire Genre of books dedicated to trying to prove that things that occurred never actually happened. For the European migration, recent DNA findings have come very close to proving (I hate asserting that things are “proven”) that a tremendous amount of European DNA (especially male) can be directly attributed to late Chalcolithic and Bronze-Age migrations into Europe:

On a side note, if energy becomes too expensive or dries up, causing me to have to leave my current house, well, that is my problem. I can assure you that I would rather eke out a subsistence-based lifestyle as a free person in the wilderness than be moved into a city. As long as I can bring a select group of my books, ones that I am sure the Left would rather I not have since they are almost all concerned with Western Civilization subjects, I could live like the opening scene in the movie Hanna.

“We have a unique opportunity now to plan for a coming explosion of urbanization
in order to decrease pressure on ecosystems, improve the livelihoods of billions of
people and avoid the occurrence of major global environmental problems and disasters. That process cannot wait,” says Roberto Sánchez-Rodríguez, Professor Emeritus
of Environmental Sciences at the University of California, Riverside.

Here we get a lot in one big mouthful. 

We need to decrease pressure on ecosystems. I thought that we already had done that.

We need to improve the livelihoods of billions of people. I wonder how my life will be improved by having to live in a city. In the event of one of the Bird or Swine Flu, or any one of the others plagues that they keep telling is are coming, how is my livelihood going to improve if I am in a two-bedroom apartment among thousands (Or millions) of sick people? I would prefer to sty in my house for a few weeks until the contagion has more or less run its course. My house has enough room for a few weeks of food and water. It also has firewood to heat the place if the grid goes down or if fuel supplies stop. I don't think that any UN scientist can guarantee that I will be OK and free from getting sick or ensure that I will have heat and water. I like fresh air, not that that smells like a city street. I like walks in the woods that don't require a train trip to an approved area for human access.

Also, how is being jammed into a city with millions more going to prevent environmental disasters? Will it prevent massive volcanic eruptions, hurricanes/flooding, the asteroids that we are told lurk around waiting to catch us on the next trip, or a nuke from a nation that finds our populations an even easier target now that you can get more bang for the buck? 
How about civil unrest if one of those things occur and people are hungry since the stores have been cleaned out? Fireams will be out of the question for non-criminals, so you won't even have a chance of persuading bad guys to move on. And, if one of those things do occur, how do I leave? My car will have been outlawed. I will be dependant on public transportation, and I won't be allowed to flee to another place to live because any non-urban region will be a forbidden zone. I will be stopped at the bridge or tunnel and told to go back to my hole in the wall.  For crying out loud, it will be like  the movie Escape From New York, only I have not committed and crime (Other than living a Western liftesyle).

We will have to remain behind locked doors in our apartments hoping that contagions or bad people will not get in, or, if ours gets ruined, mill about like ants whose colony just got dug up by a spade or was exposed once the wood was picked up off of the ground.

Note that Mr. Sanchez-Rodriguez is adamant that the "process cannot wait". They have very intention of getting this thing off the ground now. In fact, you will see in the links below that much of the groundwork has already been laid out.

By all means, if you would prefer to ensure that your children and grandchildren get to live in a nice neighborhood or country house (That is targeted too), read the paper linked at the top. When I first heard about this movement, I was dumbstruck, especially, when researching it more, I found out that this things is 20 years old. It started at the Rio Earth Summit in 1992. All kinds of regulations have already been put into place. There will be another Rio Summit in June of this year, where the next expected move will be to go from the "soft law" concept to the hard law one, where guidelines becomes requirements.

At a minimum, you should try to read the first three links below and the one at the very bottom. The first two details how we in the US will be affected and how Agenda 21 will ruin us just like slave labor and urban growth ruined ancient Roman society. The third link is on the ICLEI - International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives. This is the real Hydra that links your town, county, and state government directly with the UN to implement Agenda 21 in your locale. Please consider finding out if your local governing body is signed on to ICLEI or is about to do do. The one at the very bottom has a wealth of information about what you can do to fight this movement. 
For new people, Agenda 21 is a UN - supported plan to erode the soverignty on nation-states, to move people into cities, and bring the world's population under either a one-world government or five or six regional governments.

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