Monday, May 5, 2014

White House Gives No Clear Answer on Benghazi Select Committee

Never before in the history of the United States has a presidential administration so blatantly flouted the Law and illegally ignored and stymied investigations by journalists and congressmen. Richard Nixon and Watergate are still household names in regards to corrupt, illegal practices and for acting as if the White House is above the Law, but only in an electorally-ruined* US can an administration so casually and routinely** denigrate the opposition, mal-characterize (read - bear false witness) their acts and intentions, and know that public opinion will range from apathy to outright support for their criminal behavior.

The video of White House Press Secretary Jay Carney responding to questions concerning  the Select Committee is very short but telling; they do what they do because they have reason to believe that they can get away with it.

"White House press secretary Jay Carney indicated the administration may not cooperate with the new House select committee investigating the unanswered questions surrounding the terrorist attack in Benghazi, even refusing to answer a direct question about it.

Carney said there were seven different investigations with 13 hearings probing Benghazi.

“We have always cooperated with legitimate oversight,
[Emphasis added] Carney told reporters in what appeared to be a shot at the latest investigation.

“All of the seven separate investigations, all of the committees that have participated in this investigations, all of the administration personnel,” he added.

If you look at what some Republicans say, it certainly cast doubt on the legitimacy,” Carney continued. “It’s a problem when you have so many conspiracy theories knocked down by the facts and yet the adherents to those theories only become more convinced that the facts are what they so clearly are. That information, which is fed by the Republican party in this case, reconfirms for those who want to believe in conspiracy theories that don’t have any factual basis but tell them they’re true anyway, by media outlets that pound that message in to those who are predisposed to believe it.

[He also labeled legitimate concerns as 'rhetoric"]

.......He was asked if the administration considered the new committee legitimate, and said he declined to speculate. ABC’s Jonathan Karl later asked directly if the administration would cooperate, to which Carney declined to give a yes or no answer.

“What I’m not going to do is speculate about what might come and how it’s going to play out,” Carney said after making a comment that elicited laughter from the White House press corps. “What I will remind you of is our cooperation of our history on this and many others.”......"

-Excerpts from previous posts:

"........a very large subset or our citizens are shot-out; their brains are fired by the drivel that is fed to them by the Left. Worse still, many of them do realize this but their only response to this nagging feeling is to lash out*(more on this below) at anyone who speaks truthfully.


"....I call it my "conned" theory.

When an individual falls prey to a confidence, or "con" job, and loses a sum of money, it is fairly common for the victim to tell no one about the event. Often enough, even the police are not contacted about the theft.

This of course makes some sense. We all like to think of ourselves as immune to being fooled. We will of course admit to be pranked by a family member, friend, or coworker, but to let people know that we have been swindled out of our money is a very hard thing to do. It is a humiliating experience.

The way that I see it is this - If you would be reluctant to admit to others that you have been tricked out of, say $1,000, would you be willing to admit, not only to others, but yourself, that you have been tricked into being unable to think rationally?

I hold that a great many of these Leftist thugs who verbally attack conservatives, throw urine and fecal matter, and use objects to injure them are doing so in an effort to convince themselves that they have not been lied to. I would be willing to bet that a good portion of these thugs have attended college. If they were not brainwashed by Leftist dogma in primary school (And many have) the deed was done in the Halls of Academia. They spent years of their life there, applied themselves, and spent or borrowed money to be fed a load of garbage.

When the leave college, and start to get that nagging feeling that they have been conned out of their own intellect, they react not by reconsidering their positions, but by lashing out at those who have either maintained their wits or swung back to reclaim them......"

"............In psychological terms, it is called Projection - the act of pushing your faults off of you and onto another. In this case, it serves a double-purpose. By asserting "I don't do that, that's what you do.", Holder tries to force the label he earned onto Rep Darrell Issa. It also is a play right out of the Progressive/Leftist/Democratic Party playbook. Just as when Obama calls for fiscal responsibility while he is spending like mad and when he accuses Republicans of dirty tricks while he and all of his are making such acts a fine art, Holder seeks to use the witness chair as a political tool to attack the opposition.

The disgrace of an Attorney General has again played the "I don't know" card in regards to the Associated Press phone records scandal. A brand-new lawyer, fresh out of Law school and having just passed the bar exam, knows that you don't walk in to a hearing or trial without being unprepared, yet this is just what Holder pretends to be doing. A job applicant for an entry-level position knows as much. In all fairness, acting the idiot is probably the best move since any true statements that he would make would bring the administration one step closer to having to leave town.

The seizures of the phone records, at first glance shocking when one recalls our rights of a free Press, only makes sense in light of what this administration has made common practice:

-Fast and Furious

-The targeting of Conservative groups by the IRS


-The deadly hamstringing of our troops by indescribably restrictive "Rules of Engagement" in Afghanistan

-The Pigford Scandal

-The bringing of staff who have direct ties to the Muslim Brotherhood into top government posts or postitions of influence


-ACORN (Need we say more on that one?)

-Just deciding on their own to refrain from enforcing Immigration Law and the Defense of Marriage Act

-A few ones that I had forgotten about (Can I really be blamed here?)

Roughly half of US voters elected Obama and all those in his train - twice.

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