Friday, May 16, 2014

Death Sentence for Sudanese Christian

The internet has not been cooperative. I am unable to bring up all but pages that I regularly view and the browser will not even allow me to copy links, so providing links for reference is out of the question.

On the Sudanese woman who has been condemned to death by hanging for a clearly false accusation for apostasy, I can only marvel that only with this poor woman's plight - along with that of the abducted Nigerian girls, have Westerners made any appreciable efforts of protest.

Events such as this occur on a regular basis in Muslim-majority nations and regions.

Despite 1,400 years of Jihad, and the massive stepping-up of attacks on non-Muslims in the past ten-plus years, we still are unwilling to look at this as anything but aberrations of Islam.

Islam is a socio-political system that is married to a religion. It's core principles include the subjugation of all non-Muslims until the day when the entire population of the world embraces the teachings of Allah as transmitted through Mohammed. Warfare, enslavement, parasitic looting that makes that of Rome appear mild, and a penalty of death for leaving Islam are not recent inventions nor were they (unlike warfare for the Hebrews in the period following Moses) applicable only for a specific period of time.

What appears to be happening in the West is the continued turning of a blind eye towards all cases of rape, murder, abduction, and punishments for leaving Islam (actual or false) in all cases except for the few that the media choose to present as the ones that should be addresses.

Even in the event of a return of the Nigerians and/or the pardoning of the Sudanese woman, nothing will change in the Islamic world unless either all non-Muslims are extricated from their hell-holes or Muslims abandon Islam in toto.

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