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More Marxist Professors, Students Call for Suppressing Whites

In November of 2013, I treated the now-rampant phenomena of Marxists in US colleges who re-educate their victims to hold that all Westerners (read -whites) must be either suppressed or encouraged to kill themselves (at bottom). This normally is restricted  to white men as their women also continue to suffer under the white, male, yoke.

When reading about or listening to these individuals, one must keep two points about their methods and choices of definition mind:

-The US is not a Western nation, except when the situation calls for labeling it as such, at which time the US is wrong precisely because it is a Western nation.

- There is such thing as race (Race is a social construct) unless the situation calls for denigrating or demonizing whites, at which time whites are wrong precisely due to the fact that they belong to the white race.

"As a college senior, I see the real “institutional racism” in this country: the blatant anti-white prejudice at public universities. Here are some observations about race on campus.......

I have taken plenty of history, anthropology, and other liberal arts courses. If I did not have an independent view of race, I would leave those classes believing one thing: Whites are responsible for every bad thing that has ever happened in history.

Whatever the subject, the professors almost always try to throw in anti-European, anti-white ideas. They will use any excuse to blacken the reputation of Europeans, whom some call “the world’s oppressors.” I have often had to defend historical figures such as Andrew Jackson, Thomas Jefferson, and even George Washington. When it comes to the slave trade, professors usually ignore the active participation of Africans and blame it all on Europeans.

In one anthropology class, the professor could not go a single day without slandering the white men as evil, racist, or just boring. Needless to say, he was white. He often praised Mexicans as having a culture that was better than ours, and would downplay the violence in Mexico. He would urge students to visit Juarez, even though it was at one time the kidnapping capital of the world, and is one of the most dangerous cities anywhere.

This professor had lived in Mexico and been married twice to Mexican women. He said that our city—El Paso, Texas—should be turned into the premier Mexican city in America by replacing American people and culture with Mexican people and culture..........

In one course, when a professor asked the class what could be done to destroy the monopoly of whites on American culture, I objected that the European influence on American culture was not innately bad. Black and Hispanic students immediately complained that whites were oppressors. The Hispanics delighted in telling me they would become a majority and rule the country. I replied that whites are being displaced just as the Indians were displaced. Hispanics say they have a right to be in North America because they have partial Indian ancestry.

It is always baffling to me how a professor can characterize all whites as oppressors while claiming race does not exist. One professor assured the class that race of course race does not exist, and that even if it did, it wouldn’t matter. One anthropology professor explained that there was no biological basis for race, but in the very next sentence began explaining that sickle cell anemia affects blacks more than anyone else. I must have been the only person in class to notice the irony; everyone else was dutifully taking notes.........

Most whites sit silently when a black student claims that the United States is an expression of white supremacy or that the opinions of white students don’t matter because whites are inherently racist. Some are afraid to speak up; others no doubt believe this rubbish........

white sentiments I hear come from whites. A few even call for the destruction of the white race, though they are a radical minority that call themselves anarchists or communists......"


Marxist Professor - Whites Should Commit Suicide

Added 11/28/13 - One should take note of the tremendous amount of recent anti-white propaganda that is gift-wrapped as merely anti-Anglo-Celt. It was this broad group that was most responsible for spreading Liberty throughout the world and is the main target of the Left for precisely that very reason.  In one recent work on the Alamo (can't recall the name) in which the author jumps though flaming hoops to paint a false/weak picture of a bunch of cowardly and purely rapacious Texians, Mexican are really nice, German settlers are given a pass, while the Anglo-Celts are definitely portrayed as the yellow-bellied bad guys.

Also, Paul Weston's newest video should also be viewed. I just got it today:
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Unfortunately, the search bar on this blog page has been inoperable for over a week, so previous posts are difficult to access for now.

As I had not heard of this particular professor until I read the article below, I had to put my first impression aside for a moment and admit that his rantings could have been satire. A quickWikipedia check put that shred of doubt to rest.  (as I first thought - he is a Communist)

-From the first link:

"If you are a white male, you don’t deserve to live. You are a cancer, you’re a disease, white males have never contributed anything positive to the world! They only murder, exploit and oppress non-whites! At least a white woman can have sex with a black man and make a brown baby but what can a white male do? He’s good for nothing. Slavery, genocides against aboriginal peoples and massive land confiscation, the inquisition, the holocaust, white males are all to blame! You maintain your white male privilege only by oppressing, discriminating against and enslaving others!”......................."

One must keep in mind that all references to marginalizing and destroying whites (especially males) have their origins in Cultural Marxism. The system envisioned and began by Georg Lukaks, Antonio, Gramsci and those of the Frankfurt School had a specific purpose - to prepare the West for creeping Socialism. That system later made its way to the US via the conduit of Columbia University.

Confounded by the fact that the proletariat did not rise up against their masters in WWI, European Marxists soon realized that the foundations of Western Culture had to be dismantled in order to pave the way for worldwide Marxism. When a radical author, professor, or other nasty individual  writes or speaks against Christianity, Judaism (including trying to argue that Hebrews were never in Egypt), or any aspect of Western history, the material that he uses ( as well as his motivation)  is likely taken out of the same playbook that all Progressives/Marxists employ.

The claims that these people take, that white Europeans have no culture, that they are the primary dispensers of wholesale violence and robbery of land and wealth, etc, cannot be defended when compared to the light of history, but that is not the point as they who make these claims don't worry about being proven wrong; Their claims are designed to convince, or at least bully into silence, students who have been taught almost nothing about Western history; which itself is a purposeful omission by the Left. It is a system that does work to some extent - keep them woefully ignorant as kids, then subject them to a barrage of fictitious (or grossly exaggerated) and hateful claims so that they are ashamed to have any appreciation of their cultural origins.

Another point to keep in mind is that, like the wild claims made by Fundamentalist Christians about events in the history of Christianity (specifically that of Catholicism), every false claim would take entire paragraphs or pages (including citations) to refute, Marxists rely on the fact that, even when someone does invest the time and effort to refute the accusation, that work will never be seen by the original targets. So, when Noel Ignatiev claims that the Pilgrims gave blankets taken from smallpox victims to kill off the neighboring Native Americans,  his students will likely never hear the truth; just as the Fundamentalist sitting in his Church will think that the Catholic Church was created by the Emporer Constantine.

It is not hard to see that the whites who make these claims have no intention of subjecting themselves to the same penalties that they demand for other whites. As with population control proponents (also of Marxist origin) who revel in asserting that people should do the world a favor and end their lives to reduce the amount of the living - but won't do the deed themselves, filth-minded individuals such as Noel Ignatiev act as if, due to their work against whites (and "overpopulation"), they deserve a permanent voluntary Sonderkommando-type "pass".

Now, for the report on how his claims were received by his compliant students:

"....The Professor however, reported receiving “a standing ovation” from his “largely white and middle class students....."

We are fast approaching the point when a political break with the Leftist elements that operate in this republic will be very difficult do accomplish without widespread violence. I hold that the People need to accept that such a break is our only viable option. We could have to ability to teach an accurate version of history rather than Marxist sophistry, to name one tangible benefit. If we continue to allow things to go as they have, we will lose another generation of Americans to Marxist-induced ignorance. Training the young people to despise the work of their ancestors is the most effective means of getting this job done. 

The key target of the Left is the Anglo-American sphere. It is that entity that has been far and away the greatest contributor to the concept of Liberty and free Peoples. If that world can be dismantled - and the progress in that endeavor is substantial, there will be nothing to stop the implementation of worldwide Marxism.

I recently purchased this book by British politician and author Daniel Hannan. In it he successfully argues that it was in England that seed of freedom was own and successfully cultivated like in no other nation. 

Here's one that will put to rest the myth that the Native Americans were just a bunch of innocent guys who lived solely in communion with nature as mild hunter-gatherers prior to the arrival of Europeans:



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