Thursday, May 22, 2014

Dr. Ben Carson Recommends Reading Saul Alinsky, Warns us on US Debt

-Another video but again it is well worth the time.

I will admit that I have yet to read Saul Alinky's Rules for Radicals - the manual for paving the way for Marxism in the United States, but this is one for which I have no excuse for skipping. George C. Scott's character, General George S. Patton in the classic WWII movie Patton, after reading Field Marshall Rommel's book on tank warfare and later engaging the Afrika Korps' commander's army, famously uttered the following:

"I read your book, you son of a bitch!"    

I often read material from the opposition, and I have to acquire a copy (hopefully used so no royalties go to anyone).

In the video, Dr. Carson encourages the viewers to read Alinky's book so that they can see what the Left does and why they do it. Learning the tactics and overall strategies of the Left also enables one to "connect the dots" on gay marriage, abortion, sexualizing the youth, massive amounts and degrees of welfare, and particularly the standard method of nonstop ridiculing and demonizing of non-Leftists.

Dr. Carson also cites several examples from history to provide a dire warning about our crushing national debt. Out of all of these, I hold that the cases of the ancien regime in France and 17th century Spain are the most telling, so I will provide a few details to bolster his arguments.

-France by that time had long been a nation in which mind-boggling amounts of money were being taken and used by the government for services and projects that did nothing to create wealth. Versailles was a case in point of sterilized wealth. Add to that the costs from the crucial military and financial assistance that was given to the fledgling American republic, and you have a recipe for bankruptcy. We too have wasted - and continue to do so, immeasurable sums on welfare and governmental subsidies, borrowing ever-more amounts of money from the Chinese; this while we look to get our military involved in one new conflict after another.

-Spain at her height of power suffered from the commonly-held notion that money automatically means long-term wealth. With gold and silver pouring in from her colonies, but very little native industry, that money left Spain as quickly as it came in. Worse still was the inflation that ensued. With so many Spanish coins floating around, it came to the point that an English silver coin that had the same weight in silver as its Spanish counterpart was deemed by virtually all to be of greater value. What was easy the most wealthy and militarily powerful nation in Europe went bankrupt near the end of the Thirty Years War - even Spanish soldiers fighting in the Netherlands went on strike for lack of pay. We are fast approaching the fate of Spain.

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