Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Father Arrested For Protesting Highly Graphic Content in School-Assigned Book

We get a lot of reports of arrests that in fact turn out to be removals of individuals by police, and we get a similar amount of school-assigned reading material that is considered graphic by honest people. This case, however, appears to have an actual arrest and an example of reading material for which the description of 'graphic depictions of sex' does not even scratch the surface.

My head is spinning at the moment. To employ an metaphor from bullfighting, our republic is no longer being stuck with small spears, nor is it being lead about in a display that is managed by the Matador; the Left has raised its sword and is in the act of plunging it straight into the heart of our society.

We are being subjected to the Descabello of our youth and their innocence.

The fact that school administrators normally sends out notification of such material but failed to do so in this case means nothing. The crime is that material such as this* (excerpt of text at bottom) is being used as learning material in schools.

More of this is coming with the Common Core.

In New Hampshire - the 'Live Free or Die' state, a father has taken the step that we should have taken long ago; he went straight at the shameless enemies of humanity who ran the meeting, calling them out for causing harm to his 9th grade (14-15 year-old) daughter. When the cop who was on hand to do the bidding of the school Commissariat informed the dad that he had to leave, the latter bluntly informed the officer that the only way that he was leaving was if he was under arrest. The courageous individual did not stop there; he also let it be known that he was not going to help the cop arrest him. If the cop planned to go through with the arrest, he would to have to come to him, lay his hands on him, and take him away. He appears to have planned well. A group of what looks to be supporters, cameras in hand, followed the cop and the dad outside, documenting what occurred.

The action starts at about 19 seconds into the video on the link below. Judging by his accent, I am guessing that he is originally from either New Jersey or New York.


".......“I was shocked when I read the passage and not much shocks me anymore,” William Baer told EAG News. “My wife was stunned by the increasingly graphic nature of the sexual content of the scene and the imagery it evoked.”

He went to the school board meeting to express his objections.

“It’s absurd,” he told the school board.

“Sir, would you please be respectful of the other people?” a school board member responded.

“Like you’re respectful of my daughter, right? And my children?” he countered.

A police officer then arrived at the scene, instructing Baer to leave with him.

“You are going to arrest me because I violated the two-minute rule?” the father said. “I guess you are going to have to arrest me.”

Moments later, Baer was escorted outside and placed in handcuffs. According to WMUR-TV, he was charged with disorderly conduct because he did not immediately leave when asked by an officer.........."

".....Here’s an excerpt from the explicit passage:
“‘Relax,’ Matt murmured, and then he sank his teeth into her shoulder. He pinned her hands over her head and ground his hips against hers. She could feel his erection, hot against her stomach.
” … She couldn’t remember ever feeling so heavy, as if her heart were beating between her legs. She clawed at Matt’s back to bring him closer.
“‘Yeah,’ he groaned, and her pushed her thighs apart. And then suddenly Matt was inside her, pumping so hard that she scooted backward on the carpet, burning the backs of her legs. … (H)e clamped his hand over her mouth [Let's have our girls believing that they should acquiesce to being sexually assaulted] and drove harder and harder until Josie felt him come.
“Semen, sticky and hot, pooled on the carpet beneath her.”......."

".......For Baer, this incident is the latest indication that the nation’s public education system is bent on indoctrinating children with moral relativism.

He believes the politicians and educators running the public school system want to dismantle the family unit, and undermine traditional morality, “though they’re never going to admit this.”

“Many people in education and government truly believe our children are theirs. That parents are only the custodians who feed them and put a roof over their head. These school incidents are a byproduct of this ‘we know best’ philosophy. They believe they have the authority to do this. If people were more complacent, which is hard to imagine, it’d be even worse.”

Baer plans to attend the Gilford School Board meeting on Monday evening to discuss this issue with the leadership of the school.

An EAGnews investigation finds that Picoult’s “Nineteen Minutes” is used in several school districts throughout the nation.

California’s Sobrato High School includes the novel on its “9th Grade Advanced Common Core” recommended reading list.

Pennsylvania’s Deer Lakes High School includes the book in its “Advanced Academic English II” class.

G.W. Hewlett High School in New York has made the novel part of its summer reading list for incoming 11thgraders. The district, however, does caution parents that some of the books on the list contain “mature” language and content.

The following book was banned after an outcry from concerned parents, but was later reinstated. It's supporters referred to this as the "right thing". 

-Character analysis from the above book: 

"......Sybil has basically one scene in the entire novel, but boy, is it intense. Drunken Sybil wants to be raped by a black man, and it somehow comes across as touchingly vulnerable. Like the narrator, our dominant emotion while reading the scene is sadness. The narrator and Sybil are two human beings together in bed who have somehow forgotten their humanity in the pursuit of their own ends. To Sybil, the narrator is essentially a domesticated black rapist there to carry out her fantasy. On the narrator's part, he had intended to use Sybil as a pawn in his quest to sabotage the Brotherhood. Fairly early in the night, however, the narrator realizes that she has no information and is interested in him for purely sexual purposes. He takes an almost protective stance towards her, pretending to acquiesce to her wishes while really coming to grips with the full extent of his invisibility.

We can also see Sybil as a product of society. The narrator hypothesizes that her attraction to the rape fantasy is simply the attraction to power. "They're taught to worship all types of power," he muses, and within that analysis we can see how invisibility becomes pervasive throughout society. Rather than being attracted to who the narrator is, Sybil is attracted to the myth of the black rapist that society has taught her...."

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