Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Bob Beckel Pretends That Obama Critique is "Treasonous"

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This excerpt came from The Blaze today - May, 28. 2014.

It's no secret the Leftists have no regard for the truth, which is understandable given that the system that they advocate is a mountain of lies based on the foundation of more lies. 

The problem for non-Leftists, though, is that they assume that Leftist commentators such as Bob Beckel and "Toure" are crazy or just foolish. In reality, they are nothing of the sort; they know that the accusations that they level against others are not true. Their false claims affirm the false assumptions of their followers and the very fact that their opponents naively accept that they believe what they say is a victory for them. Opponents also often become fearful of being the subject of the next accusation.  

I am reminded of the line in the movie Natural Born Killers when a psychiatrist is asked if the mass-murdering couple understands that what they do is wrong. His answer was clear and to the point:

Mickey and Mallory know the difference between right and wrong; they just don't give a damn

".....Bob Beckel, the liberal co-host of “The Five,” lashed out at his co-host Kimberly Guilfoyle on Wednesday after she made what he called a “treasonous” comment about President Barack Obama’s foreign policy.
“This is the problem. I just don’t think he understands — honestly — I really don’t think he has a grasp on what it means to have a cohesive, coherent foreign policy or how to combat the war on terror,” Guilfoyle said. “We cannot go around to our enemies, ‘Let me hug you and then let me drone you.”

“That’s treasonous, what you just said!” Beckel shot back.

When Guilfoyle stood by her remark, calling it “accurate,” Beckel argued that his co-host’s treatment of the president of the United States is “abysmal and disgusting.”......"

From the Washington Times on May 27, 214,  was another report on the vicious anti-white charge made by the lying rat "Toure", who used the fact that Jews who escaped being murdered by the Nazis to 'prove" that they succeeded in their new homes because they were white. His lie has two purposes - to deny the existence of a  general work ethic, determination and culture of any white group that contributed towards their success and to tell others that they don't have a chance to succeed because of a white-dominated society:

"....MSNBC host Touré is accused of anti-Semitism after suggesting Friday that Holocaust survivors were able to succeed in America because they’re white.

A Twitter user by the name @hope_and_chains tweeted at Touré on Friday, saying, “My family survived a concentration camp, came to the US w/ nothing, LEGALLY, and made it work.”

The power of whiteness,” Touré retorted, gaining more than 240 retweets

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