Sunday, January 29, 2012

Joe Myers and Ibrahim Thompson Come Together to Misrepresent Christianity, Judaism, and Islam

The Winston-Salem Journal recently published a thoroughly dishonest piece that ran the old tired and worn out line of comparing violence in Judaism and Christianity to the place of the same in Islam.

The catalyst for the above article was the moves by Lowes to pull out of advertising for the show "All-American Muslim" which features nice enough people with whom I personally would probably get along well.(If they would have me)

The problem is that the show portrays certain individuals as Muslims when in fact most of them are hardly representative of members of that group. One of them is a nice woman who dresses in a manner that would send Imams in a frenzy. She also runs a night club. What woman in Islamic culture is allowed to dress flatteringly, stay out at night by herself, and be involved in a nightclub? It would be sort of like featuring a couple who pretends to be Christian but engages in wife-swapping or a Jewish guy who eats pork BBQ. It doesn't mean that they can't go back to trying to live as others of their respective faiths do, but at the moment they can't be taken to serve as examples of members those groups.

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The feeble attempts to compare the advocacy of violence in Judasim and Christianity with that of Islam have grown quite old by now. No one disputes that there are sincerely kind and gentle Muslims, but their beliefs cannot be held to be representative of Islam itself. Trying to equate the place that violence takes in Islam with the same in Judeo-Christian teachings, scriptures, and thought is a an example of a patently false argument. Even the worst examples of the latter cannot be compared as they were simply, unlike in Islam, not be be repeated by successive generations. The importance of violence in Judeo-Christian belief can be debated by anyone who desires to do so, but it cannot be held to be comparable to the place that it has in Islamic thought and teachings. Violence is not only an inherent part of Islam and its growth, it is to be practiced by all believers in all generations.

A brief but telling summary of Islamic thought can be accessed below:

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