Thursday, January 26, 2012

Ethiopian Church Burned

Not to be outdone by their Egyptian, Nigerian, Iraqi, Indonesian, Pakistani, Kurdish, and other Muslim brethren, Muslims in Ethiopia burned down an Ethiopian Orthodox Church.

The Ethiopian Orthodox Church is an ancient body. I have been told that its Patriarch is the same as that of the Coptic Orthodox Church of Egypt.

It just seems to be a bad ride that never ends.....

And the Western European nations just keep bringing more Muslims into their countries; not that I approve of leaving the Christians in the nations up top to suffer by themselves. Do you think that the Left would approve if we switched gears and began to encourage the Christians of those nations to immigrate to the US, Canada, the EU, etc.? It would provide the Cultural Enrichment they purport to hold so dearly, allow for an influx of immigrants much less prone to violence, and be an easy fit with the predominantly Christian populations in the new host nations.

We could also then have very little in the way of complaints as there would be less Christians getting hurt over there and less Muslims committing crimes, hurting people, and agitating for more control here.

Something tells me that the Left would not agree to this arrangement. Could it be because this plan would work against their plans to bring about totalitarian governments in Western countries?

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