Thursday, November 24, 2011

All-American Muslim Can't Hide the Charade

The much-touted reality show All-American Muslim, which purported to teach Americans that those who subscribe to Islam are really no different from other people, has had a hard go at it when it comes to credibility.

Their modus operandi tends to consist of showcasing nominal or non-practicing types of Muslims and trying to get the viewing public to buy into the claim that any concerns about Islamic teachings are baseless. We were given an example of a woman who opens a nightclub. Maybe someone can help me out with this, but isn't the consumption of alcohol forbidden in Islam? Also how does the example of a woman (who needs the permission of a male relative to leave her prison/house) that decides to dispense with that restriction to the point of owning and operating a night club, prove that Islam is no different from other religions? On top of that, her manner of dress on the show would not allow her half a minute of peace or safety in an Islamic society.

Am I supposed to believe that a guy who claims to be Jewish but habitually eats pork BBQ and never even attends synagogue/temple worship is to be considered representative of Jewish people?

If  people want to be vaguely culturally Muslim just as some others in the West are somewhat culturally Christian or Jewish that is fine. Just don't insult my intelligence by expecting me to think that this is how a person of a particular group acts.

The case of this woman proves nothing more than the fact that some people don't follow all of the tenets of their respective religions. She owns a business that sells alcohol, maintains her freedom to move about without anyone's permission and dresses how she wants. Good for her, but none of those things are consistent with being a Moslem.

What it does not prove is that she should not be considered an example of a Muslim anymore that the womanizing John F. Kennedy or many of his family should be considered Catholics. True to form for the Leftist/multi-cultural, anti-West types, the producers of the show serve up examples of people who more or less look and act like we do and hope that we believe that the "exception proves the rule".

According to Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch, advertisers are pulling out of The Learning [sic] Channel's new show.
Josef Goebbels would probably consider this show to be a shoddy job of propaganda.

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