Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Ezra Levant on the Obamian Move to Deny Approval for Keystone Pipeline


Ezra Levant is a well-spoken and highly intelligent Canadian commentator. The above is a link to his post on the Obamian administrations' denial of approval for the Keystone pipeline. Note that Mr. Levant refers to "ethical oil". This phrase, which I believe he coined, refers to petroleum that originates in a  nation of free people, that does not involve mistreated workers or people, and cannot be tied to any type of terror groups.

The move by the American president is a travesty not only because we are now essentially forcing Canada's hand to simply sell their product (That we need) to China, but that Leftists have come to comprise such as substantial subsection of the American electorate. The push from the Left to stop this project had the appearance of an Islamic Jihad. No society can grow, flourish, or even maintain its living standards or culture in any way once Leftists begin to exercise any real influence.

Leftists, who have witnessed the failure of their system wherever it has been attempted, obstinately refuse to allow that the societal structure that they champion is by its very nature a system programmed to stagnation followed by internal collapse. When it failed in mostly agrarian societies and semi-industrialized ones like Russia, they moved on to the developed nations in Western Europe. When these endeavors too failed, they moved towards an all-encompassing superstructure of the European Union to make it work. The result has been a catastrophic forced gutting of European culture and its economy with its people as the targeted victims.

Their co-conspirator's in the US have had to operate more or less under the radar until the last twenty tears or so. Since then, they have burst out from the seams and began to run amok. Senator McCarthy's name was associated with rabid inquisitorial paranoia because he not only was able to recognize the threat of Leftism in the US in the 50s, but that he actually did something about it. With people today fearing to be labeled Fascist or rascist for opposing the Leftist's agenda, the Vandals have almost complete freedom of movement to tear the place apart. Where the historical Germanic Vandals really just wanted loot for themselves and smashed and burnt some things in the heat of the moment, the Leftist have every intention of ripping the place to shreds to the point that it can never recover any amount of its former strength.

From there the Leftists figure that the people will have no other option than to voluntarily give up their freedom and subject themselves to the state. Like the closing days of the Western Roman Empire, the freeholder will find it easier to just surrender his property and attach himself to whomever he feels can lessen his burden of state control and rapacious taxation. With no one to protect him, his only choice will be the very state that worked to enslave him in the first place.

In the words of Colin McEvedy whom I admired greatly, we are looking at the "Orwellian twilight of the West". The writer used that phrase to refer to the days when the Western Roman Empire flailed about to maintain control of a gutted society that had  ruined its middle class long before and consequently needed to control every aspect of every individual's life (Even dictating the line of work in which one would engage). I see the term as applying just as much to our West of today.

Recall the phrase Orwellian twilight of the West when you read and see what is going on in plain sight in our era.

One key difference between the Fall/Collapse of the Western Roman Empire and ours is that the administration of the empire enlisted some of the barbarian tribes as Foederates  to help defend the empire on its borders. These Germans were free people. The Leftists seek to employ their own barbarians to destroy our West, not at the borders, but from within. The barbarians that assail us do not belong to bodies of free people but are subjects of either their Leftist or Muslim overlords or systems.

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