Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Follow Up from Yesterday's Post About Plight of Ethnic Danes - More Attacks Come to Light

This a follow up to yesterdays  post on the plague of burglaries in the neighborhood of Vollomose, which is in Odense, Denmark. Today I came across two more posts with that describe in detail the experiences of individual ethnic Danes in that area.

In one post, a 29-year resident of the neighborhood has been robbed and savagely beaten, had his home burglarized and vandalized more than once, and feels like an outcast in his own country. He is an old man and set in his ways but has finally decided to leave. In the other, a couple that had spoken to police about a crime that they witnessed were themselves targeted for daring to report the criminal activity of the tolerant peace-loving Muslim immigrants. They were verbally assaulted and a paving stone was thrown in their son's bedroom. Their home was vandalized three times since the additions to Denmark's culture became aware that they had spoken to the cops.

Yet we dare not say anything for fear of being labeled fascists or racists. 

As I noted yesterday, this has to be addressed before the few remaining ethnic Scandinavians are holed up in their own ghettos and rural zones of safety while swarms of the new conquerors rule the streets in the rest of these once-proud nations.

Where do the Leftist think they will be once this happens? Do they plan to utilize the opportunity to create an all-powerful totalitarian state that will at least be able to keep the lid  in most of the criminal activity? It is the only option of which I can think when I put myself in their shoes.

They have put so much effort into destroying the cultural component of these (In this case, those of Scandinavia) nations that can't even be blamed for colonial activities as Norway, Denmark, and Sweden were not involved in that mess. Much of the rest of Europe and the US lives with this perpetual white-guilt of colonialism or slavery; consequently, they are afraid to put the brakes on the massive tide of immigration that consists of peoples who have no desire to take on our culture at any point.

Bill Clinton, while speaking about the projected demographics of the US by 2050, was quoted as saying that by that point the majority of Americans will not be of European descent and that 'This is a positive thing."

Why is it positive? Why couldn't he have said that it would be an OK thing? Is there supposed to be something inherently wrong with people of European descent or their culture?

I personally believe that very few people truly hate those of European descent. What I hold they hate is the individualistic culture of these people. They hate their cultural attachment to Judeo-Christian values, to Republican-type governments, and their general rejection of all-controlling societies that are produced by Socialist/Fascist, Far-Eastern, or Islamic rule.

What comes with general European-based culture is a respect for free speech, property, religion, financial gains of those who risk much to gain it, and an outright refusal to be treated as sheep to be ordered about at the whim of those who would seek to rule over them.

Here is a link that shows the attitudes of some who wish to do the same in the US:

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