Friday, January 6, 2012

Folllow Up: 18 Year-old Mom Who Shot Intruder had a 58 year-old Husband.

Note this post is a follow up to the one from yesterday.

The article on the young Mom who killed and intruder in her home with a shotgun on New Year's Eve had a completely and totally unexpected twist. The woman's deceased husband  had been 58 years-old.

According to the article, she had come to live at the man's house three years earlier. This in itself could very well have occurred for innocent reasons such as a young girl having found herself homeless. I don't know the details - I can't even leave out the possibility that a crime occurred. That would be the case if he had committed sexual acts on her prior to reaching a legal age.

What I can say is this: If a young girl is in a situation where she would benefit from being given a home, an older adult has no business whatsoever allowing the relationship to come to a point where intimacy, consensual or otherwise, occurs. It is not uncommon for a teenage girl to develop a sort of crush on an older man, especially if he has been helpful to her in a time of need.

If a man in his situation senses that a person who is clearly a child, a soon-to-be adult, or even older has began to exhibit romantic feelings for him, he needs to gently inform her that, although this type of feeling is common, it would not be appropriate and would never turn out well for her. He took the place of a father figure when he offered help, and he has no choice but to keep it that way.

A man who comes to  such a  realization is obligated to help redirect her to young men of similar age. He could be as old-fashioned as he wants in vetting prospective suitors, continue to protect her as much as possible, and be happy for her as she starts to put her life together. Let's not forget helping her obtain some type of education so that she is not dependant on finding a man for economic security.

I find it hard to believe that a man could be comfortable showing his face among his peers after taking advantage of a girl who clearly needed his help, not his romantic feelings.

This too appears to be an example of the decline of ethics and morals in the West.

On top of the above, how did he think she would feel when, ten years later, she looks across the table and sees that her husband is pushing 70?

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