Monday, January 16, 2012

White House Appears to put SOPA on HOLD

The Stop Online Piracy Act, which due to the broad powers it provided to companies,  was the subject of significant opposition, including extensive petitioning. The White House indicated that it would not support this bill, at least in its current wording.

I had posted about this bill a sort while back, but my response paled in comparison to the extensive efforts of other bloggers and active citizens. SOPA simply allowed companies to take actions on their own (Like blocking suspected websites) that in any other situation would require a court order. I too support a means to stop the wholesale proliferation of piracy, but SOPA as it was written is not the way to address it. We can't have sites being blocked because they kinda, sorta, just might be posting or using copyrighted material, especially when the private entity is the one reaching out/or in and doing the blocking.

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