Monday, January 23, 2012

More Rapes by Muslims in Europe and More Attacks on Christians

The last three days have seen so many articles and posts about violence committed by Muslims, (Or those who, in the words of Robert Spencer "misunderstand*" Islam) against Christians that picking one event or even one country in which these occurred would leave too much out.

Again, the amount of sexual assaults in Scandinavian nations such as Norway that are committed by ethnic Scandinavians is almost statistically zero. Immigrant Muslims are doing virtually all of the raping. We are of course aware that ethnic Scandinavian women are regularly targeted by these thugs, but the link at the top notes that Muslim women are often raped also since they will do anything to avoid the stigma attached to being raped and therefore generally will not report the attack. Muslim men, following the example in the Koran, do seem to relish treating non-Muslim women as captured slaves. Since the Western European nations refuse to admit that they have terrible problems with the scale of such attacks, the attacks just seem to go on in a "business as usual" manner.

The second is about a British police officer who received a laughable sentence of 18 years in prison for, among other things, raping a 7 year-old girl.

The third and fourth describe more attacks on Nigerian Christians by Boko Haram.

And last but not least, Coptic Christians were again subjected to all sorts of attacks in their own country. The attacks appeared to be part of a grand scheme to prevent the victims from being able to vote.

It seems that, for every event that is noted on an article or a post, many others are either left out or never come to light. The mainstream media rarely if ever makes mention of these atrocities, and the Leftist-dominated governments of the West have no desire for the world to get an accurate idea of what kind of motivations that Islam can stir up in individuals or groups of its adherents.

The people of Western Europe are literally tongue-tied by their own political elite. It is they who who cater to Islamic groups that demand that nothing derogatory about Islam, or individuals who commit violent acts that are inspired by that religion, be allowed to be spoken or written. Hate speech laws that may have been created to avoid horrors such as the Holocaust have been employed to silence ethnic Europeans as they watch their world being torn apart from the inside. The rights of the indigenous are being upheld and/or advanced everywhere in the world unless those natives happen to be Whites or, if in another continent(s), native Christians.

The civil, social, and criminal penalties for speaking truthfully in public cause most people not only to remain quiet, but to cause the majority to enforce this silence on those who are in fact willing to stand up and speak the truth. It is almost as if they think that if they too remain officially ignorant of the problem then it does not exist; either that or they are afraid of being brought in to testify to what they heard and consequently be suspected of also being aware of the problem. I am reminded of The Time Machine, where the existence, actions, and constant threat of the Morlochs is something that everyone knows but cannot discuss. The only difference is that in the story no oppressive Socialist/Fascist organization was there to punish those who did in fact speak up.

*Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch employs the term "Misunderstanders of Islam" in a sarcatic manner as the Leftist media tends to portray those who commit violence in the name of Islam as actually failing to understand that their religion is a religion of peace and tolerance.

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