Friday, January 13, 2012

Germany Enforcing Omerta on The Internet

The German government has confirmed that they are actively monitoring German websites that have been known to be critical of Islam and express disagreement or concern with the steady growth of Islam in that country.

The effort appears to be the result of pressure from Leftist groups and Left-wing periodicals as well as Islamic groups. As noted in earlier posts, Western Europeans no longer enjoy the same rights of free speech and expression that are enshrined in out first amendment and are hallmarks of Western Culture.

Even in non-Democratic/Republican ancient Western cultures such as that of Macedon, free men expected to be able to speak freely, whether it was Phillip or Alexander's close circle of nobles or the common soldier. There are many examples of instances where Alexander's men spoke their opinion with no fear of having their heads lopped off. The accounts of the period when, in India, the Macedonians were growing discouraged at their King's seemingly boundless energy and ambition, show how those in the ranks knew that they possessed this right. Alexander's reactions too clearly indicate that here was no Eastern potentate who would simply order his men to be arbitrarily killed. He would have known that doing so would cause him to lose the confidence and trust of his army and could quite possibly turn the sit-down strike into a full-fledged revolt. This sort of activity would never occur amongst Eastern-influenced groups such as the Persians. Many of the Macedonians strongly disagreed , in my opinion rightfully so, with Alexander's decision to adopt the proskynesis (Prostrating oneself in the presence of the King).

The account where the Frankish King Clovis murdered one of his soldiers also exemplifies this right. During the period when spoils were being divided after a battle, one them had protested when the King stated that he (Clovis) would get the lion's share. The King had no choice but to allow the man to speak and could not kill him until some time later when he did so under the pretext of inspecting the man's weapon and pretending to find it poorly maintained.

This practice is largely gone in  Europe except for those who fight, almost on a daily basis, in a refusal to accept this loss.Geert Wilders, Elizabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff, and a few others are brave and determined individuals who will not sheepishly accept the lot allowed them by the Left.

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