Thursday, January 19, 2012

Non-Radical Egyptian Muslim Attacked on Televised Debate -By the Moderator of All People!

Note: I wanted to title this "Moderate Egyptian Muslim Attacked by Moderator" but I thought that it would cause confusion.

I and many others have noted in the past that in Islam there is essentially no room for anyone who desires to live/promote a moderate style of Islam or who would try to dispense with the Jihad//conquering/looting aspects of the religion of peace and tolerance. Dr. Sayid El Qimini, who has studied and earned a Doctorate in the US, is a pleasant, respectful man who clearly does not endorse Jihad or maltreatment of minority Christians.

Dr. Qimini was invited to debate on an Egyptian television channel. What transpired was a travesty - not  was he treated terribly overall, -the verbal attacks coming from both his opponent and the moderator, but upon preparing himself to depart due to being fed up with the whole thing, he was hit in the back of the head with a coffee mug - by the moderator. 

What kind of  society would allow for anyone to get so angry at a debate that not only does the opponent turn abusive but in which the very person tasked with keeping the debate orderly jumps in with the verbal abuse and then violently assaults one of the participants?

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