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The Left Cries Bloody Murder About the New Hungarian Constitution

The provisions of the new Hungarian Constitution, which took effect on January 1, have elicited so many howls of protest from across the Leftist board that it has been difficult to actually find out what it says and means for the nation and people of Hungary.

The Constitution has received the tacit yet effective approval of the New York Times, Time Magazine, and the EU by being strongly opposed all of those organizations. Leftists in Poland are also asking their government what they plan to do about the Hungarians who dare to defy the EU and its efforts to destroy the sovereignty to the nations of Europe and to at least try to make repairs to their economy, culture, and society.

In their preamble, they specifically state that they intend to return to their roots as a nation, recognize that they are proud to have a Christian Culture and be a Western nation, nullify laws that are contrary to the people’s natural liberties, and recognize that the nation has been on the wrong course from the time that it was occupied by the Nazis and through the woeful period of soviet dominance. Of tremendous importance is the mention in the preamble of the "restoration of self-determination" that seems to be a sabot round aimed directly at the Socialist superstructure of the EU. Hungary's effort to have control of its own bank has the EU very, very worried. My personal take is that with Hungary and her people asserting themselves, the Left in the US is no less concerned than the EU for their prospects for ultimate success. The label of "fascist" has already been thrown at those who created this document.

The EU and IMF are already looking to exercise the power of the purse in order to coerce Hungary to drop this whole silly thing of a constitution that actually does its job of creating a law of the land. They are considering/threatening to pull back on plans to negotiate for a way to deal with Hungary’s bond debt. The bizarre but telling part here is that Hungary is being coerced by these two bodies with threats to refrain from helping with national debt when the new constitution specifically has notable provisions to prevent the debt from getting any worse. How dare they avoid having to default entirely on their debt and have to take on an EU banker as their Chief Executive as did Italy and Ireland!?

Although I have not read the constitution or even a detailed analysis, and can therefore not state with absolute certainty that this looks like the best thing since sliced bread, the good indicator flags are going up. Hopefully we can get more details in the next week or so. This is a very exiting event and has caused me to decide to write a short piece on Hungarian History in which I will try to give their people some credit where credit is due. They have always seemed to be treated but briefly, causally, and with little consideration in the span of European history and I have been one of the typical offenders.

Links to articles are below the preamble:
Credit to Gates of Vienna and The Brussels Journal for posting a translation of the preamble by a Mr. George Handerly:
We, the members of the Hungarian nation, bearing responsibility for all Hungarians, declare:
We are proud that our King St. Stephen has, a thousand years ago, placed our country on a firm fundament and that he has made our nation (through his conversion) a part of (Western) Christian Europe.
We are proud of the survival of our country, of its freedom and our ancestors that struggled for her independence. (For long, the Hungarians were called “the rebel nation”.)
We are proud of the outstanding intellectual achievements of Hungarian individuals (such as 14 Nobel prizes).
We are proud that our people have fought to defend Europe (from the Mongols and the Turks) and that it has, through its talent and diligence, contributed to our shared (European) values.
We acknowledge the nation-preserving role of Christianity. We also appreciate the various religious traditions represented in our country. We promise to preserve the spiritual and intellectual unity of our nation that has been torn apart by the storms of the past century. The ethnic groups that live with us are part of the Hungarian political community and are therefore nation-forming factors here.
We accept the obligation to protect and enhance our inheritance, our unique language (Magyar is not an Indo-European language) Hungarian culture, the language and culture of Hungary’s national minorities as well as the nature-given and man-made treasures of the Carpathian Basin. We have a responsibility to our descendants. For that reason, we maintain the conditions of existence of the generations that will be following us through the careful use of our spiritual and natural resources.
We hold that our national culture amounts to a rich contribution to a multi-faceted European unity.
We affirm our respect for the liberty and culture of other peoples and wish therefore to cooperate with all other nations.
We affirm that the foundation of human existence is respect for the dignity of man.
We affirm that personal freedom can only be secured in cooperation with others.
We affirm that the decisive framework of community is the family, and the nation, and that the fundamental values of our sense of community are loyalty, faith, and love.
We affirm that the foundation of the community’s strength and of the honor of every individual is labor and the achievements of the human mind.
We affirm the obligation to extend help to those in need.
We affirm that the common goal of the state and the citizenry is the good life, security, order, justice and the unfolding of liberty.
We affirm that people’s sovereignty is present only where the state serves its citizens and when it handles their affairs without prejudice, abuse and with fairness.
We pledge to honor the achievements of our historic constitution (1222) and the Holy Crown that articulates the continuity of Hungary’s state system and the nation’s unity.
We do not recognize the conditions created by the suspension of our historical constitutional order by foreign occupations.
We deny the applicability of a statute of limitations in the case of the inhuman crimes committed against the Hungarian nation and its citizens during the National Socialist and Communist dictatorships. (This provision is likely to be the Left’s main reason to resent the document.)
We do not recognize the Communist constitution of 1949 because it has served as a foundation of tyrannical rule. For this reason that legislation is hereby invalid.
We agree with the first free national assembly (after the formal abandonment of Socialism in 1989) that has proclaimed that the new freedom issues from our 1956 revolution.
We choose to regard the restoration of the self-determination our homeland that had been lost on March 19, 1944 to have been restored on May 2, 1990 with the first freely elected popular assembly. (The date in 1944 refers to the occupation by Germany.)
We consider this date to mark the beginning of our country’s new democratic order and of its constitutional democracy.
We avow that a spiritual renewal has become indispensable since the last century’s developments had undermined moral values.
We have faith in a mutually determined future. We believe that our children and grandchildren, through their perseverance and spiritual strength, shall make Hungary great again.
Our Fundamental Law is the foundation of our legal order. As such, it is a contract among the Hungarians of the past, the present, and the future. It constitutes a living framework that expresses the nation’s will and it determines the shape of the system within which it wishes to live.
We, the citizens of Hungary, are prepared to base the public order of our country upon the cooperation and consent of our nation.,Leftists-slam-Hungarys-new-constitution

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