Saturday, April 27, 2013

Article on Terrorist/Now Satisfied Marxist Bernardine Dorhn

Before the schools had produced enough brainwashed Western students to provide for the Leftist takeover of Western governments, we had Marxist terrorist groups.

West Germany had the Baader-Meinhof Gang, known by its members as the Red Army Faction. Japan had the Japanese Red Army. Italy had the Italian Red Brigades.The switch from an actual guerrilla force to a department store-bombing terrorist organisation marked the change of the IRA to a Leftist ideology.

The most vicious and most radical Leftist group in the US was the Weather Underground, also known as the Weathermen.

Their campaign of bombings, murders, and robberies has gone largely unpunished. Bernardine Dohrn and her husband, Bill Ayers, are the most widely known members of a terror group. In the article at top, Dohrn is quoted on her opinion of herself, her comrades, and their actions:

“[Speaking of being underground to avoid prosecution] No, I think I was 11 years underground. It wasn’t exactly a punishment,” Dohrn responded to the question of whether she escaped punishment. “I do think we won the moral war and it was hard [for] the government to call us terrorists or criminals. Certainly they tried, but we were such a home-grown product — I grew up in the midwest of America [in] a family who voted Republican all their lives, and I was the first person in my family to go to college. That’s an American story.”

That must have been a great thing for the family - have your first kid go to college and see her turn against the nation and culture that bred her.

One cannot believe that the Weatherman have been let off so easily due solely to their ability to hide well or to avoid having enough evidence to successfully charge them. By the time they were coming out of hiding the Left had obtained sufficient influence in the governing of our nation to ensure that they would be let off and that her comrades in hiding would be allowed to remain there.

Ayers, Dohrn, and Co. were and are vicious people who eagerly swallowed the college-supplied Marxist version of American history and sought to to destroy the greatest nation of any appreciable size ever to exist. They rightfully deserve the place that Dante in the Divine Comedy reserves for traitors to one's nation.

In many way she is correct in noting that they have won - not the moral war, on which she is still on the wrong side, but in the war to win the nation. Although their first attempts to bring on a massive revolution, aided by Soviet, Cuban, and North Vietnamese troops failed, they and theirs have obtained a secure foothold in the means by which this nation is run. Their new method, using the earlier Cultural Marxist principles of Lukaks, Gramsci, Marcuse, and others is winning - and handily so.

While this goes on, most of America sits on their hands while more youths are won over to their side. We of course still have time to break cleanly from them, formally acknowledging their gains in US states that are too far gone to save and restoring an American republic in salvageable US states, but we seem to be frozen like a batter watching an 0-2 curveball dropping into the strike zone.

Concerning their old plans to bring the US under full control of Communist forces, the videos in the three links at bottom must be watched. The former FBI agent who had infiltrated the Weather Underground recounts the horrific intentions of these graduates from Universities such as Columbia University in New York - itself a place in which the darkness of the Cultural Marxism of the Frankfurt School* had taken root. Dohrn and her partners spoke with anticipation of the day when the US came under foreign occupation, the people forced into camps, and the recalcitrant - those who would not accept that "this is the way it is going to be", were to be executed. They coolly estimated that up to 25 million of us would be murdered to affect the fundamental transformation of the US.

Today, Dohrn Ayers, and all of their types are winning. The schools are making more of them every year. They, understandably, expect that they will get everything that they want. As for murdering those who refuse to submit to the new manner of transforming the US - after the possible success of today's slower but most assuredly effective style, Dohrn would no doubt still give the order once their hold on power has gone from its now-fairly secure status to absolute control, a state which is advancing steadily while we wait. 

People such as Dohrn and Ayers have an immeasurable scorn for the middle class. Disciples of Marx, they recognize as did he that this group comprises in their view a sort of fourth estate, having a vested interest in protecting society and our rights. Too large to kill off quickly or to woo with promises of protection as with our current Western oligarchs, we must be utterly ruined or done way with.

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