Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Benghazi Cover up - Rep. Trey Gowdy Takes On Obama Administration






This appears to be getting very big-

Two days ago, I noted that I had my doubts that the new Benghazi hearings would amount to anything more than inquiries into failures to respond to pre-attack requests for more security and why "mistakes" were made during during the attack which resulted in the consulate staff being left alone.*

I thank God that I now think that I was wrong.

There are of course others that are also doing the good work, but Rep Trey Gowdy of the Palmetto State deserves special mention. He has publicly promised legal representation and all measures of protection possible for anyone who will come forward to provide necessary information and testimony. This seems to include military, CIA, and State Department personnel. These individuals have reportedly been  threatened by Obama's thugs to refrain from divulging information, including their own knowledge of the events, that has been conveniently classified as Secret to ensure that it remains buried.

The Fox News link has a video in which one military Special Operations member speaks anonymously, He notes that assets were available to arrive on scene prior to the second attack. He also destroys the position of Obama and Panetta that we could not send help as we did not have enough information at the time of the attack; he clarifies that standard procedure is to send what is available to at least evacuate whatever members that can be rescued. What we are hearing now is that we had assets that could not only do that, but also to effect a more sure defense of the consulate and that this option was not taken.

This was no mistake of the bunch of Keystone Cops in the White House - they knew fully well that we had capabilities that were knowingly and purposefully held in check. This reeks of a criminal act.

The Gates of Vienna link has another video in which attorney Victoria Toensing, who is representing an employee that desires to be a whistleblower, states that not only has her client been threatened, but that he or she and Ms. Toensing had been denied access to and approval for testifying to events/material that has shamefully been given Secret classification. Ms. Toesing asserts that what the State Department is doing is illegal and that at one point they denied even being aware of her official requests.

Lined up with the intention of telling what they know are State Department Officials, a CIA employee, and military personnel. What they are waiting for is some guarantee of protection from prosecution or retaliatory actions against them that will hurt their careers.

PLEASE, click on the link below and use the contact page to give Rep. Gowdy your support. If this turns out to be the crime that all known indicators make it appear to be, then we have an event that makes Watergate look like a case of jaywalking. For months I feared that  nothing would come of this and that Obama, Hillary, Panetta, and Co. would be, ultimately, mercifully labeled as incompetent idiots. That they certainly are, but knowingly holding back available military assets is not the act of a dope - even a moron can dial 911 to call the cops. This administration has got to be far and way the most arrogant bunch ever to exist.

Why they did it is not really my concern. What I want is for the facts to be on record and have justice run its course.


I plan on dropping all other topics for posting as long as new reports of these hearings and White House stonewalling keep coming in.

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