Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Leftists Rely on Police Power They Once Denigrated

The superstructure of LE that was created in a large part to deal with the Left, and later terrorists, is being held in reserve by the Left to control Americans.

The mind-shattering amounts of ammunition that have been purchased of late, in bulk to save money - we are told, has only added to the growing concern of citizens that it is they who are being targeted. Combined with the threats to private ownership of firearms, people can no longer buy a couple of boxes of rounds to shoot at their local range*



"Shockingly, voters on the left who are terrified that individuals might stockpile ammo are mysteriously quite comfortable that DHS is doing exactly that on a much larger scale. Individuals are not to be trusted in a socialist nation, you see. Only the government can be trusted, they believe. Little do these people know that most of these DHS bullets are ultimately meant for them."

The FBI found much of its early work investigating and prosecuting anarchists, Communists, and those who fell into a sort of mixed category of the two. US Marxists complained well into the early 90's that any candidate of theirs would be hounded by the FBI. Mindful of their advances in gaining control of the Democratic Party, they only began to keep their traps shut when Waco and Ruby Ridge were only pulled off, but resulted on zero prosecutions of the wrongdoers. With no imminent threat to Koresh's followers, his compound in Waco was assaulted and essentially burnt to the ground with the members of the sect still inside. With no imminent threat to the family or to Federal officers at Ruby Ridge, members of the Weaver family were picked off by gunfire, including that of the sniper/marksman type.

-From that point on, such actions were not only permissible as far as the Left was concerned, but encouraged.

Now that the Left is in charge, Homeland Security and the Justice Department are here to save us from right-wing radicals. Janet Napolitano has made that much quite clear. The Left also has a fairly strong grip on the outcomes of national elections, and  they are targeting Texas for its crucial electoral votes*. Take Texas and the choice of President is a mere formality dressed up as an electoral process.

For Leftists and those who sympathized with Leftist thought, Police were once the pigs, now they are the only ones who should have guns.

".....In 1968, if you asked a leftie college student whether a black man living in the inner city had a right to own a gun to protect himself against the cops, the answer, ten out of ten times, would have been yes.

Now, that leftie kid will be talking about the insanity of anybody owning a gun. Except for the cops...........

.....The elite Left has become the personification of the soccer mom now. Worries about everything. Danger everywhere. Needs more helmets. Schedules more play dates. Wants more state surveillance. “If you’re against intrusion on your privacy, maybe you have something to hide.” “Keep the poor bottled up in inner cities, give them anything they want, just don’t let them into my neighborhood.”

The Left has also become the promise of a vague fairyland new age. “We’re all in this together.” “We can raise up the lowest among us (by printing more money).”

And the police are part of that fantasy. They’re the centurions at the gate. “Arm them to the teeth.” “Render the rest of us powerless.” That’s the grand solution to all our social ills. Naked, hairless, unarmed, watched around the clock, we’ll be beautifully safe, under the machine of a national police force.............."

I have to hope that State and local police will, with the more honorable members of national law enforcement, come to a point in which they say that enough is enough. The Left has every intention of using the system that once made life hell for them to mete out the same treatment  to Americans who want no part of a stagnant and totalitarian United States (If it is still allowed to continue as such in the end).


  1. Those who took an oath need to be ready to stand up to those who would force them to deny.

    I am ready...are they?

  2. Not just bullets, Pleistarachos. These bastards are buying up weapons and over 1,000 LIGHT TANKS!!!!

    Since they are clearly not interested in talking about ISLAMIC terrorists, WHOM they are targetting here is VERY SUSPICIOUS!!!

    1. Good point.
      To clarify, what are being described in news reports as tanks for law enforcement agencies are actually armored vehicles. All tanks have very specific types of armaments such as a main gun. Even many tracked vehicles are not tanks.

      Still, the focus on getting these types of vehicles to police agencies is a frightening portent of things to come.