Monday, April 1, 2013

Revised-Female Syrian Refugees Targeted for Rape, Prostitution, Young Wives

Revised 4/3/13- Here is a report that clerics have authorized the rape of non-Sunni females as a part of the war effort. Note that the writer conspicuously leaves out Christians as approved victims. These are only briefly included in a quote of a Kuwaiti women who had called to reestablish sex slavery.*You see, rapes and murders of Christians are not mentioned by most Western writers. Reporting on such insignificant  issues only incurs the wrath of those who follow the religion of peace.

Hat tip to Gates of Vienna.

One that wants to know what is happening has to avoid the Mainstream Media at all costs. The Media, like Obama and Romney, tell us that Assad needs to go. As we were assured about Tunisia, Egypt, Iraq, and Libya, all will be fine once the autocrats were driven out.

The link at top has an embedded video clip in which the plight of the girls and women of one refugee camp in Jordan is made painfully clear. The girls are targeted for abduction and rape, forced prostitution, and "convenience marriages " that consist of a girl or young woman being used for a few weeks and then divorced. Aside from a few brave young men who have taken it upon themselves to protect their women and girls, the only authority figure that should any indignation at what is occurring was the leader of the Mosque of the camp. He describes 60 year-old man from Saudi Arabia (Some come from from other wealthy Gulf states) asking for help in finding a 13 year-old girl for marriage.

The females can't even use the common toilet at night for fear of being assaulted or abducted by the animals who have descended like jackals on the camp. Many of these look specifically for families that have no men or dress as women in order to make approaching their victims an easier task.

I generally avoid videos as I am impatient and would rather read text, but this video should be seen.

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