Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Revised:Atheist - Raising Kids in a Faith is Child Abuse

Added 4/30/13- I failed to note that there was another reason why radical atheists certainly want to prohibit the teaching of faith to children. It is far easier to convince a lifelong non-thinker to become an atheist than it is to do the same with a person who has been raised to contemplate more than the basics of eating, drinking, and reproducing. Religion and any true philosophy, as they both encourage deep-thinking, will expose the ludicrousness of the notion that Matter, and all that has come to life from the same, were simply accidents and thus bring to mind the existence of a Prime Mover. Like Leftists who excise the History of nation from textbooks to create blank slates in the minds of our youth, so too do angry atheists want ignorant children who will more easily be made into ignorant atheistic adults.


"Famed evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins made a claim over the weekend that will likely draw the ire of religious people across the globe: That forcing religion upon children is a form of child abuse.

Rather than “indoctrination,” Dawkins called for a form of education in which children merely learn that different people embrace various theological claims.

“What a child should be taught is that religion exists; that some people believe this and some people believe that,” he told an audience at England’s Chipping Norton Literary Festival on Sunday, according to the Daily Mail."

Note the purposeful choice of words - 

Raising a child in a faith is forcing a belief on someone. 

The Left, along with their atheist, radical feminist, radical environmentalist and other sundry allies, know fully well that the people must be excised all all knowledge, ideas, and beliefs that give them a sense of identity.   

Atheists cannot maintain detente with people of faith. No, their campaign to eliminate any annoying reminders that they may be wrong must be relentless. They cannot be truly satisfied until everyone else lives in the same state of denial as they do. Town park monuments that have crosses or the ten commandments must be removed. Any and all prayers must be confined to the home or the church; no, wait! - that's not enough either, only adults can do these. The kids must be kept as ignorant as we choose to be.

Atheists revel in their lack of intellectual effort and the very fact that a young person may be able to think more deeply than they can irks them to no end. Parents should be allowed only to provide a summary of each type of religion and see what happens when they grow into adulthood.

Like Leftists as a whole, these individuals have decided to despise any type of culture. Religion is a major contributing factor to a culture of a nation or a people. Take away the faith, or forbid the teaching of it until the youth have been through the Leftist wringer of primary school, and rest assured there will be very few people showing up for church services in a few years.

The state is god for the atheist. Having no protection from the greed or aggression of his neighbor in a world without natural law, he needs a very strong government to make him feel safe from the most mundane of threats. In a world before government, atheists would, without a clear concept of right and wrong, never have been able to coalesce into orderly and productive societies. Each would be ruled by the same laws as animals - the most powerful and aggressive getting what they wanted, when they wanted it. Having been born in an age in which a powerful state is a reality though, they seek to make full use of its coercive power to call for everyone to be raised as they choose to be.

The one who denies the existence of God pretends to believe that we could have come to this point in history without any belief in a creator. They assert that religion has done more harm than good while ignoring that religion has been, even in the eyes of honest agnostics, a very effective brake against never-ending wanton seizures of people's bodies and property and a tool to promote a degree of civility in societies. An elderly priest or nun may confront an aggressor regardless of the consequences; an atheist affects to believe that the most convincing of their  number would be able to reason with him.

The attack on religion, especially against Judeo-Christian types, is a key part of the campaign against Western Civilization. Rarely if ever are other religions targeted. I have noted with dismay that even many people who see what the Left is doing to Western societies seem to be OK with the ongoing campaign against the faith that helped make the West what it is. If these individuals fail to return to an appreciation of Judeo-Christian virtue, even in a 18th century Deist manner, the Left and their atheist colleagues will find their job to be a much easier task. If parents are legally held to be wrong for doing what their religion requires - in this case teaching the faith to the children, parents will cease to exist as anything other than baby-makers. 

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