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What Will End Sex Assault Culture,0,2253394.story

The Cultural Marxism of Georg Lukaks, Antonio Gramsci, and others that was cultivated in the Frankfurt School and later exported to the US, where it found a home in New York's Columbia University, has had tremendous success in destroying our culture and our sense of humanity. Early advocates of this agenda, such as Herbert Marcuse, strove to put an end to our Judeo-Christian morality.

Marxists in the post WWI West, shocked that the proletariat did not rise up during or after that horrific slaughter, finally came to grip with reality; the workers were too attached to their sense of national and ethnic  identities and certainly in regards to their religion. The workers were deemed to be too gullible and ignorant for their own good. They needed to be separated from their cultures so that Marxism could continue its march. These Marxists set out to undermine their beliefs, sense of family, pride in a people's history, and patriotism.

Undermined it was, instant gratification, particularly for sex, was a major tenet of the "Long march through the institutions". In addition to the obvious denigration of the history of Western nations, etc., girls were told to forget about requiring that they be respected, and boys were encouraged to rack up sexual conquests. Parental authority should be ignored at all costs.

Here we are, boys treating girls whom they may well have known since Kindergarten as if they are garbage. In the case of the late Audrie Pott, sexual assaulting and photographing the crime was not deemed sufficiently satisfying; one animal wrote his name on her body

"Pott, 15, was driven to suicide last September after three teens allegedly sexually abused her while she was unconscious from alcohol at an unsupervised house party in Saratoga. When Pott awoke, she found pen markings across her private parts, including the name of one classmate followed by "was here," reported the Los Angeles Times"

After finding out that the photos had been sent far and wide and that virtually every student in her school was aware of the crime and scale and scope of the humiliation, the girl killed herself by hanging.

We hear talk about retaking the schools. Many are convinced that it can be done. In my opinion, short of firstly politically separating certain states from our fallen republic and reclaiming the schools, this will not happen. The Left has a firm grip on the educational establishment and has not intention of letting up. Aside from that, it took almost six decades* of Cultural Marxism to get where we are, and we don't have six years to wait for any improvement.

*I am choosing the 1980's as a staring point for the beginning of the plague of acquaintance rape, but this is purely an estimate. Solid data may place it earlier or later.

Boys have no fear of the courts, parents of these animals, instead of demanding justice, tell their boys to lawyer-up and to answer no questions. The same parents (Including Moms), thinking only about having their sons home for the next holiday dinner, blame the victims. 

And I don't want to hear that she was passed out drunk; that is only another reason to watch over the person who drank too much, not to commit crimes.

At some point, a family member of the victim will decided that enough is enough. A father, brother, grandfather, uncle, brother, or older cousin of the victim will lash out - and viciously. Looking at old photos of the victim, whether she be alive or dead, and remembering when she was five years old, someone close to her will take matters into his own hands.

The media will howl at "vigilantism", but this will not be the last time it happens. Once the floodgates are opened, others will follow. 

We have all heard a friend or colleague state what he would do if his daughter, sister, cousin, niece, or granddaughter was a victim of sexual assault. They can't all be engaging in bravado. 

I found one of these comments particularly applicable to this situation. He was a grandfather, and as he was no longer responsible for earning money for the family, he was the one who should punish the criminal who obviously has no fear of civil punishment. He noted that it he was caught, he would at his sentencing matter-of-factly tell the judge that he was not sorry.

At some point after, date/acquaintance rapes will significantly diminish in frequency. Other rapists will also begin to rethink their plans. Rapes won't be stopped completely, but the rape culture will be stopped.

I don't condone or advocate any such action, but I have little doubt that it is only a matter of time before we see this. The Left seems to be fine with things as they are. Radical feminists put their energy into banning guns, supporting abortion, and over the counter contraception rather than fighting for the safety of other females, especially the young ones. It seems as if they would rather have more proof that all men are as bad as they are made out to be than to work to protect potential victims.

The only other possible option that could possibly make this scourge go away is a liberal application of the death penalty by the courts, but the Left is not keen on this either. 

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