Thursday, April 4, 2013

Calls to Destroy Pyramid Were Not Hoaxes

The enemy uses the power of the pen, actually the keyboard and the TV, both to bear false witness against those who refuse to follow their lead and to lull the West into a false sense of security.

Following the reports of calls for the destruction the pre-Islamic past of Egypt, the Leftists media immediately engaged the hyperdrive and went straight at the throat of any one dared bring yet another example of Islamic intolerance to light. We were all told that we fell for a hoax that was dreamed up by Islamophobes and other right-wing radicals.

This brings to mind the story that was forced on us in the years following the Beirut Marine barracks suicide bombing in 1983. Those of us who spoke out about the culture of suicide attacks in Islam were accused of being unrealistic at best and fools at worst. Even the organizations that establish training criteria for police officers took the position that the terrorist was not a suicide bomber. Having no evidence other than a firing switch under the driver's seat (Which was to ensure that the trick bomb functioned in the event that the driver was killed and removed from the cab of the vehicle), the existence of this firing device was triumphantly held up as proof positive that the driver had been forced to carry out the attack. This charade naturally fell by the wayside once the suicide attacks became commonplace, but the damage had been done; for years after, people refused to believe what had happened and took the sugar-coated explanation.

Like the ridicule hurled at those who rightfully assert that the Library of Alexandria and all of its irreplaceable contents may well have been destroyed following the Islamic conquest of Egypt*, reports of the renewed calls to reduce the pyramids to rubble were met with scorn, derision, and denial.

*Academia blames Christians for all acts of destruction of ancient and classical works and also shields Islam from any similar blame. The fact is that it was only through the labors of Christians that the precious few literary works of pre-Christians were saved at all. If these had not been hand-copied and preserved by Catholic and Orthodox churchmen, we would probably not have a single page of Cicero, Sallust, Livy, Plutarch, Thucydides, Herodotus, Xenophon, or any other pre-Christian of whom early Christians were held to so intolerant. Before the advent of paper, and deprived of papyrus (This being unavailable in the West once Egypt fell to Islam), the only medium for the making these copies was vellum - a wildly expensive material that was always in short supply.

Those who saved the records of the past are condemned in the University, while those who engaged in wholesale destruction of the same are casually let off the hook.

The following is are excerpts of a post (Link at top) by Raymond Ibrahim in which he defends himself from the slanderous attacks by the Leftist media. In the post he exposes the media for the whitewashing of the reports and the false accusations leveled at him for reporting what occurred.

"Because the article “Calls to Destroy Egypt’s Great Pyramids Begin” went viral on the Internet—read nearly 400,000 times on FrontPage Magazine alone where it first appeared—as expected, the infamous “hoax” charge has been made to lull the West back to sleep.

According to Daily News Egypt’s “Another hoax: cleric calls on President Morsy to destroy Giza Pyramids,” the calls from the Bahraini cleric I cited “urging President Mohamed Morsy to destroy the Giza Pyramids were issued from a parody Twitter account online, the Daily News Egypt has learned.”

That’s all—that’s the “proof” that this story is a “hoax”: Daily News Egypt (DNE) “has learned” that someone was “impersonating” the Bahraini cleric. Unlike my article, DNE offers no evidence, no links, no proofs to back its story: “Just believe us—you’ll feel better,” seems to be the message.

Some questions: If, as DNE suggests, this was a hoax to scare people over the rising influence of Egypt’s Islamists, why did the hoax perpetrators choose a cleric from Bahrain, a small, foreign nation—why not parody an Egyptian cleric, which obviously would’ve made for a much more effective “hoax”?
More importantly, why does DNE not address the other sources I had cited—including Egypt’s very own Salafi party, which is on record calling for the elimination of Egypt’s pyramids? Even Elaph, “one of the most influential websites in the Arab world,” documents that both the Bahraini cleric and Egypt’s Salafis are calling for the Pyramids’ destruction.

Needless to say, DNE’s hoax charge was quickly disseminated by others, who added their own “logic.” For example, after quoting DNE as evidence, one Kate Durham, writing in Egypt Today, focuses on portraying me as having an “agenda” (which, of course, I do: safeguarding the Pyramids).

Likewise, after quoting the DNE report, RT’s “Holy hoax: Radical Islamists call on Egypt to destroy pyramids” offered a revisionist history that truly resembles a “hoax,” arguing that “demolishing the pyramids was prohibited during the 7th century—so the structures remained untouched.”

Really? This almost suggests that the Arabian marauders, who invaded Egypt in the 7th century, pillaging and destroying, were “respectful” of the “cultural significance” of the Pyramids—perhaps designating them as “tourist attractions”? What about 8th century Caliph Ma’mun, who—as this comprehensive English-language fatwa dedicated to explaining the Islamic obligation of destroying pagan monuments, including the Pyramids, puts it—”wanted to destroy the Pyramids in Egypt and he gathered workers but he could not do it”?

What about 12th century Bin Yusif, Saladin’s son and ruler of Egypt? He attempted to destroy the Pyramids, and had an army of laborers work day and night to dismantle Menkaure’s Pyramid, only to quit after eight months, realizing the futility of the task, though his vandals did manage to leave a large vertical gash in the Pyramid’s north face (see here). What about Egypt’s Mamlukes who, with the advent of gun powder, used the “pagan” Sphinx for target practice, effacing its nose?.........."
[For decades, Academia blamed Napoleon's troops for damaging the Sphinx]

"All of these apologists are unaware [I personally think that they are in fact aware but want us to think otherwise] that the Koran portrays pre-Islamic Egypt’s Pharaoh as the quintessential infidel, with the result that the Pyramids, the handiwork of Pharaoh, have always been seen by the pious as an affront to the total victory of Islam in Egypt—hence why any number of Muslim leaders through the centuries tried to lay low those defiant symbols of Egypt’s pre-Islamic past; hence why such calls are again become vocal.

Indeed, here’s the latest bit of evidence: just published in El-Balad, on July 17, “Egypt’s Justice and Development for Human Rights warned against the ongoing incitements from a large number of men of the Islamic religion to destroy the Pyramids and other Pharaonic antiquities, deeming them pagan symbols of pre-Islamic Egypt…. these calls have greatly increased after the victory of the Muslim Brotherhood candidate, Dr. Muhammad Morsi.”
These calls are neither a joke nor a “hoax”: the same mentality that sought to destroy the Pyramids in the past, is the same mentality that is gaining mastery over Egypt in the present—with the exception that, if destroying the Pyramids was an impossible task then, it is realizable now, a wonderful feather in the turban of any aspiring “champion of Islam”—a feat that none of the greatest caliphs and sultans could accomplish, try as they might........

Still, the “leftist” mentality remains oblivious, as if to say, so what if Islamic doctrine and history is replete with the destruction of pre-Islamic monuments from one end of the Islamic world to the other, including several attempts against the Pyramids? So what if, at this very moment, Muslim fanatics are destroying artifacts in the name of Islam, in Mali and elsewhere? So what if Egypt’s Salafis are on record calling for the destruction of the Pyramids?

Not to worry, the Huffington Post et al say it’s just a “hoax.” Nothing to see here, folks; go right back to sleep."

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  1. Here is a clip from MEMRI that was posted last year. Let know one think that this is a far fetched conspiracy theory.

    Egyptian Salafi Sheikh Murgan Salem Calls To Destroy Pyramids And Tax Christians, Says Bin Laden Greater Than Saladin