Monday, April 22, 2013

Earth Day - Marxist Origins of Environmentalism

The video in the above link, despite the atrocious fake Russian accent that was intended to add some fun sarcasm but only makes it difficult to hear all of the words clearly, is a good starter source for understanding the Marxist origins of environmentalism and Earth day in the West.

The Soviet Union, unable to compete on an economic level with the non-Communist world, set out to level the playing field. If the West could be made to accept handicaps, then Marxism would have a fighting chance.

Thus was born the environmentalist movement. Like the no-nukes and peace movements which were bankrolled by the USSR, it was supported by the Soviet Union. This legacy continues today with the Socialist/environmentalist alliance of Agenda 21. Mikhail Gorbachev, in his post-USSR career, has continued to advocate for Socialism and radical, people-controlling environmentalist polices. He is a major proponent of Agenda 21*.

Today we still are the beneficiaries of visionaries such as Ed Asner, who blandly assure us that Communism "just has not been done right yet". The European Union and the changes being effected in the US are manifestations of the style of Socialism that is, after the USSR, Mao, Cambodia, Vietnam, etc., being touted as the way to get Marxism right this time.

The very fact that the the leaders of the Soviet Union made themselves out to be the guys who were concerned with the environment exposes their intentions. The Communists left Russia and much of the satellite Soviet states deplorably polluted wastelands (And I am not counting Chernobyl - an accident  that made the worst Superfund sites in the US look like a pre-Adam and Eve Gardens of Eden. The only sure way, short of destroying our culture (Which takes some time but is also in progress)  that the West could be quickly reduced in its capacity to outperform Marxist nations was to hamper its ability to do what it does - produce efficiently. The most recent of these agendas was to make Carbon Dioxide into a pollutant.

Make our industrial production and way of life too expensive and the job is half done.

When the children's indoctrination programs of the 90's hit full swing, shows such as Captain Planet and the Planeteers portrayed the Soviet girl as concerned about (Fake) overpopulation and the US boy planeteer as ignorant and stubborn. One line of his that I will always remember is "No one is going to tell me how many kids I can have." Although that is an honorable and proper answer, the show wanted us to think that he was being short-sighted and selfish.

We must of course not forget that the same people who brought us radical environmentalism sought to kill two birds with one stone. With the control of people and industry came the promotion of earth and earth-goddess worship. Gaia and other variants were sold to Western peoples to replace Christianity and Judaism.  When I recently saw a guy going through some sun-worship moves (No kidding)  at a municipal baseball field as the sun rose, I could not help but wonder if he had any idea of who is behind his new religion.




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