Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Report - Obama Lied About Syrian Sarin Attack

Hat tip to New Jersey Patriot.

During the mad weeks in August - September of this year, the Obama administration worked overtime to convince the world that the only possible suspects in the August nerve gas attack belonged to the Syrian government*. Ignoring the strong likelihood that it was actually the Syrian rebels who used Sarin in order to accuse the Syrian army and thus bring about an attack from Western nations, Obama and his stooges repeatedly claimed that they knew who committed the attack.

Well, it turns out that they may well have known who were the probable culprits, they just lied about who those culprits actually were.

"The Obama administration quashed intelligence reports that suggested an al Qaeda-linked group could have been responsible for the sarin gas attack carried out in Syria last August, according to a news report published in London on Sunday.
In threatening a U.S. military strike on Syria during the weeks that followed after the Aug. 21 chemical attack, President Obama and Secretary of State John F. Kerry cited “definitive” evidence that Syrian President Bashar Assad had been responsible for the incident.

What they kept secret, according to an article by Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative journalist Seymour Hersh, was the belief of U.S. spy agencies that military forces loyal to Mr. Assad were not ones in Syria’s civil war to have access to sarin.

“In the months before the attack, the American intelligence agencies produced a series of highly classified reports, culminating in a formal ‘Operations Order’ — a planning document that precedes a ground invasion — citing evidence that the al-Nusra Front, a jihadi group affiliated with al Qaeda, had master the mechanics of creating sarin and was capable of manufacturing it in quantity,” Mr. Hersh wrote in the London Review of Books.

The al-Nusra Front was officially designated a “foreign terrorist organization by the Obama administration last year and should have been a suspect, according to the Hersh article.

Instead, in order to solidify a White House narrative that Mr. Assad had crossed Mr. Obama’s “red line” by using chemical weapons, the Obama administration “cherry-picked intelligence to justify a strike against Assad,” the article claims.

While Mr. Hersh’s assessment could be read as providing backing for Russian claims that the Syrian rebels were behind the deadly August attack, the article has drawn a harsh dismisal from at least one key source in the U.S. intelligence community......"

Of course, the article also notes that a, intelligence official denies the entire claim and insists that all intelligence reports pointed to the Syrian government as the only body in that nation that possessed the ability to manufacture or deploy chemical weapons. 

-and we are supposed to believe that.

If we took all of the obvious lies, along with all suspected ones, of all the previous presidential administrations in the US prior to 2008, added them up, and compared that number to those of the last four-plus years, I would bet that the former number would be the equivalent of a drop in the bucket.

Never before in the history of the world has the media of a nation, with no threat of imprisonment, voluntarily and enthusiastically made itself an arm of the Chief Executive. They have done nothing to seriously investigate any of the lies and criminal acts of this administration.. The Leftist mentality holds that the desired end result is so worthwhile that no amount suffering or death is too much if these are means to that end. That's why they ignore the tens of millions who died under Marxist rule throughout the world, and this is why they ignore cancer patients who have lost their insurance polices under Obamacare. They ignore the lies that Obama and his henchmen told to bring us to war to establish an Islamist government for the same reason. We have more Enemies of  Humanity in our media and schools than we can count.




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