Sunday, December 15, 2013

Pope Francis - Some Marxists are Good People

In honor of the late Peter O'Toole, I will paraphrase the famous question attributed to O'Toole's character in Beckett, Henry II Plantagenet:

Who will rid me of this upstart Pope?

I will fairly admit that the press regularly (and grossly) exaggerates Pope Francis' statements, but what concerns me (aside from his brutally casual disregard for the actual message of the Gospel) is his dangerous naivete in regards to the dark world of Socialism. 

Francis has a penchant for giving interviews in which he digs our whole ever more deeply. In one recent interview with La Stampa, he (thanks to Heaven), clarified that "Marxist ideology is wrong".

What immediately followed that statement, however, is something so disturbing as to effectively negate the meaning of his disapproval of Marxism as a whole:

“The Marxist ideology is wrong. But I have met many Marxists in my life who are good people, so I don’t feel offended.” 

That sounds nice, but it is a patently false statement.

No amount of good intentions can make a Marxist a good person. Among other things, a Marxist - by the very nature of his outlook, denies the following.:

-His Creator and any concept of sin.

-Any significant appreciation of the rights of the individual versus the authority of the state. 

-The right to own, use, and dispose of private property according to one's wishes.

-The right to engage in the economic pursuit of your choice.

-The crucial place of the nuclear family in society, including marriage itself. 

-The right of People to live in a sovereign nation.

-The sanctity of life, be it for the youngest, the sickest, or the oldest.

No individual that seeks to grant power to the state to curtail or deny any natural rights is a good person. A Marxist is a nasty, prideful person who wants you and yours to be controlled. A person who wants to live in a Communist-type setting is fine. As long as it does not intrude on the rights if others, he can go and establish one with his buddies.

That is, however, not satisfactory to a Marxist. In his hubris, he wants his view to include everyone. He wants it all, and no one is is exempt from his plans for the subjugation of every individual in the world. 

By the positions to which he holds, a Marxist is a bad person.

Pope Francis will lose more of his flock than he gains by being chummy with Leftists. They who do join will have no interest for any of that (apparently) obsolete sin and redemption stuff.

In Spengler's The Decline of the West, the author (in the early 20th century), predicted this very phenomena. I can't find the exact quote at the moment, but at one point he notes that a church that becomes engrossed in socials issues ceases to be a church.


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