Sunday, September 8, 2013

Sen. Lindsey Graham - No Syria Strike Equals Nuclear War

Quick Brief:

During the homily/sermon at mass this morning, no mention was made (in my church) for a call for amnesty for illegal immigrants. Those who were here at the beginning of the week caught that I had made a proposal* for patriotic Catholic Americans in the event that Catholic leaders in the US followed through with the reported September 8th push that would seriously undermine our Republic. I will see what news reports come in from across the nation tomorrow.

*Hint- the proposal has potential for a powerful effect but did not entail actually leaving the Church. There is a lot of text that precedes the actual proposal (Below in Gates of Vienna), but given that Catholics are centuries removed from acting against the Church while remaining in in it every way, I felt that an explanation was necessary.

Main post:

The push to install Islamists in Syria and risk a breakout of a major and destructive war has taken a new turn. Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina has made what may someday  turn out to be the most bizarre claim of the century - that a failure to attack Syria may be the cause of a nuclear war.

Out of all the 1984 Doublethink/Newspeak comments that I have ever encountered, this one has got to be the closest to a realization of George Orwell's picture of a dystopian future for the West (and that includes Nancy Pelosi's claim that her Catholic faith leaves her with no option but to support abortion):

"Republican Senator Lindsey Graham, who has been a vocal supporter of striking Syria, appeared to imply that if the U.S. doesn’t take military action against President Bashar al-Assad’s regime a nuclear war may ensue.
“I believe that if we get Syria wrong, within six months – and you can quote me on this – there will be a war between Iran and Israel over their nuclear program,” Graham told a gathering of supporters in South Carolina Wednesday, according to U.S. News and World Report."

[Just in case the Senator was being laughed at (if those in attendance could in fact gather their thoughts for levity after such a bold-faced lie) he continued with a predicted outcome that was supposed to cause the people in the Palmetto State and the New York Metropolitan Area to panic and plead for their elected official to save them]

“It won’t come to America on top of a missile, it’ll come in the belly of a ship in the Charleston or New York harbor,” he added........

“If we get Syria wrong, if we show weakness here regarding Assad’s chemical weapons utilization, you’re almost ensuring a war between Israel and Iran over their nuclear program, and we will surely get drawn into that,” Graham said Tuesday.

“So to the American people: if you’re worried about the Iranians getting a nuclear weapon, as I am, the last card to play to stop that is how we handle Syria,” he added."

When I read this, I must have looked at the article like a deer staring into the headlights of a vehicle for about two minutes.

Does anyone remember the children's story about Chicken Little running about declaring that the sky is falling?

Did he make a bet with John  McCain to see who could make the most stupid statement about Syria?

What Graham is saying is that the very act of refusing to risk an escalation that could result in a nuclear war will actually make such a scenario more likely.

He shamelessly conflated Iran's nuclear program - a reality that is more likely to become a problem if the US does attack Syria, with a civil war that has seen the Iranian government sending aid to the Syrian government. If anything, attacking a government that Iran supports would make it more likely that Iran may enter the fray. On top of that, wouldn't the leaders of Iran be worse than naive if they did not conclude that they were next on Obama's hit list? 

Attacking Syria will in no way make a conflict between Israel and Iran any more probable. In fact, one Syrian official recently threatened to attack Tel Aviv if the US attacks his nation. Graham asks us to believe that, just maybe, if we attack a government that Iran supports, the latter may decide to be nice to Israel. Given the gravely threatening statements made by Iran's leadership in recent years concerning Israel, the Senator must think that we are the most ignorant people on the face of the earth - either that or he was drugged without his knowledge prior to speaking. 

Graham has committed an outrageous and plainly despicable act. Not only did he pretend to believe that a course that would make an escalation less likely would somehow make it more likely, he also implied that our military capabilities would suffer. He wants us to think that that our satellites, Air Force, and Navy would  then not be able to detect in advance or even stop nuclear-armed submarines from entering two major US harbors. 

We need to contact our legislators again and let them know that we will not be treated like sheep. Graham so desperately wants a fight - one that will be of no risk to him, that he stooped so low as to tell us that the wolf would show up at our door if we do not help the Islamists who (half or more by some estimates), are routinely murdering and raping Syrian Christians. 

The man is a shameless coward, and now I want to know what he has to hide. Only someone fearful of being exposed for wrongdoing would out-snake oil salesman Obama. 

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