Thursday, December 19, 2013

Rep. Trey Gowdy on Vote to Sue Executive Branch for Disregarding Laws

I have become a big fan of South Carolina Representative Trey Gowdy*, and he does not disappointed me in the video that is embedded in both links below.

Obama has made it a regular practice to engage in what amounts to legislative action by executive orders and other decrees despite what US law specifies. He also has on numerous occasions done the same thing when Congress did not pass a bill that he wanted on his desk in order to sign it into law.

Obama's Fascist-like modus operandi is to do the following:

-Ignore otherwise choose to refrain from enforcing US law when he does not like it, (Immigration laws, Defense of Marriage Act, etc)

-Use Executive Orders to function in place of proposed legislation that was not created via the constitutional- mandated means for doing so. ("If Congress won't act, I will".)

-Enact changes of laws to suit his desires at the moment (delay or change provisions of Obamacare employer mandate, etc.)

The story behind the video interview is that members of Congress do not have standing to sue the executive branch, but Congress as a body may well have standing if a majority vote is held to challenge what effectively amounts to arbitrary executive nullifications of US Law.

The concept makes sense one one appreciates the fact that, if Obama is illegally ignoring US Law, then Congress has no option (other than an impeachment) but to take him to court.

I prefer to read text and and generally avoid videos but this one is short and well worth the time:




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