Thursday, December 5, 2013

Left Feels Some Heat from Article V Convention Talk

This is a follow-up to earlier posts on proposed Article V Conventions. The concept behind the utilization of the clause that allows state governments to call for and hold their own Constitutional conventions was recently publicized by Mark Levin in an effort to protect our republic from its current state of rapid decline:

I hold that the possible danger of a bad outcome of such a convention pales in comparison to what is actually occurring - and what we appear to be unable to stop, right now. In other words, this is a classic case of having nothing to lose. We either take steps that have a good chance of success, or face failure due to inaction. If the Article V conventions are held and they produce poor results, we will be no worse off than we are now - and will be if we do nothing.


The Left-wing rag Slate featured a piece that suggests that the Left is concerned enough that support for Article V conventions may increase to come out and denigrate the idea rather than just ignore it:

The reader should note the current manner of describing what Conservatives are doing. Supporters of Article V conventions, like Ted Cruz and other good guys, are being charged with trying to destroy our tear down the nation. Yes, the Left always projects their faults onto others, but the use of the same accusations that are consistently being made on cue is something of particular note.

"The Grand Hyatt in downtown D.C. is like any other hotel designed to host conventions—huge and as inoffensive as possible. In its basement, advocacy groups like the Family Research Council and Americans United for Life set up booths, giving away run-of-the-mill swag like branded frisbees, beer koozies, pens, and sunglasses. They and a host of other conservative groups, along with state lawmakers and corportate interests, are gathered at the Hyatt this week for a conference hosted by the American Legislative Exchange Council, or ALEC.

Consider this the more level-headed, policy-oriented brother of a Tea Party rally. ALEC, for those unfamiliar, is a conglomeration of corporate interests and conservative state lawmakers that works to influence which laws get passed at the state level. The group, which supports state "stand your ground" laws, has lost a host of powerful corporate members since the death of Trayvon Martin............................

At this year's conference, ALEC isn't just working to promote conservative state laws, but to dismantle the federal government's control over the states. Mark Meckler, co-founder of the Tea Party Patriots, spoke at an afternoon workshop to sell his and ALEC's latest project: calling for a "convention of states." The way it would work, state lawmakers would use Article V of the Constitution to introduce a suite of constitutional amendments with the goal of severely restricting federal power.

Citizens for Self-Governance, Meckler's group heading up the Convention of States Project, described the endeavor thusly:

'By calling a convention of states, we can stop the federal spending and debt spree, the power grabs of the federal courts, and other misuses of federal power. The current situation is precisely what the Founders feared, and they gave us a solution we have a duty to use.'

In his new book The Liberty Amendments, conservative talk show host Mark Levin argues that Article V is an "emergency cord" of sorts to restore jurisdiction to the states. To pull that cord, two-thirds of state legislatures—34 of them—would have to meet and propose amendments on the same subject. Each amendment would then have to be approved by three-quarters of the states to be ratified. And therein lies one of the big problems with the project, aside from the small issue of constitutional interpretation—only 27 state legislatures are Republican-controlled.

............. To rebuild the federal government in its image, ALEC must first destroy it."

We have them feelings nervous at the moment. That is a good sign. Remember, they are not as stupid as they look. They know far more about what a free and prosperous nation needs than do many Americans, and that is why they labor so mightily to prevent these from happening. Did you ever wonder why the Left ensures that primary school students grow up learning to detest the history of their nation? I will bet my house that high-ranking Leftists have read Montesquieu's The Spirit of the Laws. Among other things in that great work, the author notes that citizens of a republic must be imbued with a strong love of their country. Without that, the People grow selfish, think only of themselves, and the idea of patriotism becomes utters foreign to them. A republic cannot survive under these circumstances.  

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