Sunday, September 1, 2013

Obama Pressuring Congress on Syria Attack

In act that effectively acknowledges that Obama's all to arms has resulted in the clearest proof yet of his rapidly vanishing influence (and increasing suspicion that the accusations are false*), the White House has gone into panic mode:

In response to the following report, I attempted to contact my Congressman, but his official (House of Representatives) email service was out of service. I have to wonder if this is happening in any other House offices. It of curse could be a result of a deluge of emails that have strained the system. I know that this smacks of paranoia, but I also cannot rule out the possibility that the White House wants to make sure that they have a free hand in strong-arming our Representatives. I would not be surprised if  they took steps to ensure that their Congressional targets have no input from their constituents to offer in defense of an intended "No" vote.

"The Obama administration, bolstered by evidence the Syrian government used lethal sarin gas on its own people, expressed confidence Sunday that Congress would back President Obama’s decision for a military strike on the Middle East country.

However, the president and his inner circle worked furiously over the weekend to win congressional support, appearing on Sunday shows, holding classified briefings and making calls to Capitol Hill leaders.

A senior administration officials told Fox News that the president, Vice President Joe Biden and Chief of Staff Denis McDonough made phone calls on Sunday to senators and House members urging them to vote in favor of the authorization of military force in Syria.

The official called the lobbying effort a "flood the zone" strategy, in an apparent acknowledgement of just how hard winning Capitol Hill approval will be.
The effort was preceded by Secretary of State John Kerry blanketing the Sunday shows and administration official proceeding with a round of weekend briefings, as Capitol Hill lawmakers said Obama may not have the votes right now......"

No doubt thoroughly brow-beaten by his narcissistic boss for failing to rally the world in support of the much-desired attack, Secretary of State John Kerry has again taken to assuring us that the Syrian government (and not the rebels, who have much less to lose ), were the perpetrators of the nerve gas:

"Secretary of State John Kerry said on Sunday that Syria used Sarin gas in the chemical weapons attack on the Damascus suburbs earlier this month.

Earlier Kerry had said a “nerve agent” had been used, but did not specify which one. His comments, which he called a “very important recent development,” came this morning on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” according to Politico.

Kerry, who appeared on all five Sunday shows, added that the case against Syria continues to grow....."

Meanwhile, the rest of the world joins most in the US in expressing their opposition to a military strike:

Protesters around the world took to the streets to protest Saturday for and against a possible U.S.-led attack on Syria, as President Barack Obama announced he would seek congressional approval for such a move........"

[After a brief nod to the very few who voiced their support for a strike.....]
".......The demonstrations erupted on both East and West coasts of the United States, and cities in between..........

"The conflict's been going on for, what, almost 2 years now. Estimates are 100,000 Syrian civilians have been killed and all of a sudden the U.S. government has manufactured the excuse of the use of chemical weapons in Syria to use that excuse to intervene in Syria," said Tristan Brosnan, 25, of Washington.

Later, in Los Angeles, about 200 people shouting "Hands off Syria" protested against a possible American strike. They waved signs reading "No More War" and police said they wrote up more than 40 citations after demonstrators sat in street intersections and blocked traffic. Police reported two arrests.

In Boston, more than 200 protesters demonstrated in the Boston Commons against the possible use of American force. They chanted "Don't Bomb Syria!" repeatedly, and at least one speaker said congressional authorization wouldn't make an attack acceptable.

More than two dozen protesters gathered at the Arkansas Capitol to oppose a possible U.S. attack. Some wore T-shirts proclaiming "NO U.S. INTERVENTION IN SYRIA."......

In downtown Chicago, about 40 people walked quietly in the rain, circling a sculpture in Daley Plaza. Some carried signs that read "No War In Syria" and "Shut It Down.".........

In London, more than 1,000 protesters carrying Syrian flags and placards marched to Downing Street and rallied in Trafalgar Square. Some hailed the parliament's vote Thursday against British participation as a victory.

And about 700 people turned out for an anti-war demonstration in Frankfurt, Germany, police said. Organizers said only a "sovereign, independent Syria free of foreign interference" would make it possible for the Syrian people to shape the country's future."

Now this is ironic - even some f Obama's fellow Leftists are against a strike -

"At a protest organized by left-wing opposition parties in Amman, Jordan, Kawthar Arrar described any military intervention as "an aggression on the whole Arab world." The protesters gathered outside the U.S. embassy, chanting slogans and setting fire to American and Israeli flags."

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