Tuesday, December 17, 2013

State Law Mandates That Brain Dead Girl be Taken off Life Support

I keep hearkening back to my youth when I read 1984 (in 1981 -I was 14)) and was convinced that Totalitarianism was only a foreign threat. If only we could contain Communism until it collapsed*, we would be fine.



"OAKLAND, Calif. —

A 13-year-old Oakland girl will be removed from life support on Tuesday because she's been declared brain dead after she suffered complications following a routine tonsil-removal procedure, her uncle said Monday.

Jahi McMath, an eighth-grade student at the E.C. Reems Academy of Technology and Arts in Oakland, was declared brain dead last Thursday after she went into cardiac arrest while recovering from having her tonsils removed at Children's Hospital Oakland days before.

Under state law, brain death must be determined by two different doctors doing two different sets of tests at least 3 hours apart."

[Three hours and two doctors who are in the area- that is what a 14 year old girl's life has been reduced to in our society]

"In a meeting with McMath’s family Monday, the head of the hospital’s pediatrics department said that because she had been declared dead under state law, McMath would be pulled from life support.

“We didn't want her to be removed from life support but the decision is out of our hands because it's been declared a legal death,” said Omari Sealey, 27, McMath’s uncle.......

Sealey said McMath went to Children's Hospital Oakland on Dec. 9 to have her tonsils removed to cure a sleep apnea problem.

But he said McMath had trouble breathing and suffered “an enormous amount of bleeding” after the surgery, which is typically a routine procedure.

“No one knew what was going on,” said Sealey.

Her troubles continued for several days after that, and then on Thursday McMath went into cardiac arrest and was declared brain dead........"

Aside from the fact that there is an enormous amount of evidence that the condition that is routinely diagnosed by physicians is often no more than a type of deep coma, California state law effectively codifies that in this case not even family members have any say in whether or not life support is continued for any length of time. No allowance is allowed for a wait-and-see if the patient improves approach or if the family can seek another opinion from a doctor of their own choice. 

No, the law is supreme, even if the legislation itself violates the Natural Law or the Rule of Law itself. 

The Natural Law - that which is written on the hearts of all, needs no explanation. The Rule of Law, despite modernists who labor to frame this concept purely as a formality that ensures that all are equally affected by laws, also has as its basic principle the legal protection of individual rights. If a law  requires that all severely disabled newborns be put to death, then the Rule of Law is violated even if no one is given an arbitrary exception while others are subjected to the specifications of the statute

We are fast approaching the day when these occurrences will no longer be restricted to rare cases. Even with Obamacare, let alone the Leftist longed-for euphemism of the 'single payer system", the table is set for the day when many life-or-death decisions will be up to what "the book' says.

The People cannot allow human life to be regulated like the fine print of an automotive warranty does for a vehicle repair.

When the State can decides who lives and who dies; when your life is a matter of a bureaucratic reading of a flow-chart, the People no longer can be described as free. They are not governed, but ruled.

Not citizens, but subjects.

Again, I assert that we in the US - unless we can successfully work to hold Article V conventions to roll back the tide of Leftist policies and violations of human rights, will soon have no option other than to effect a political break with the states/regions of the nation that are beyond our ability to repair. I would rather see my beloved republic honorably laid to rest with another, smaller but restored republic created  to continue protecting our enshrined freedoms and liberties than live in a zombie-like US that has none of its original substance and is animated only by Leftist thought and methods of control.

"Where I went wrong was in a failure to realize that all modern Marxists are Trotskyites at heart. As Trotsky understood, Marxism's only chance of succeeding was if free market/capitalistic nations were eliminated from the playing board. "Communism just hasn't been tried/done right" would be the new mantra for Western Socialists. The latter have long recognized the crucial reality that, in order worldwide Socialism to work, three things are needed.....[Above link]

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