Friday, September 27, 2013

Syria Analyst/Swindler Hired by McCain the Islamophile Warmonger

About a month ago,analyst Elizabeth O-Bagy, who had  pulled the wool over the eyes of a lot of people, was found to be a fraud. Not that this should have come to a surprise to anyone; she was deliberately abusing the influence of her position to paint a very rosy picture of the Syrian rebels - recall that at the time the the Isamophiles in the US were clamoring for war against the Syrian government. In that climate, anyone, Leftist or innocent dupe, who would say what the warmongers wanted were getting lots of press coverage and influence with McCain&Co,. AKA - Obama's shameless thugs.

Another reason for a lack of surprise were her techniques for obtaining information. To do so, she used what she gleaned from a Facebook page of one of the groups. In any other country, what is taken off of a propaganda source, modern social media, Party poster/broadside/pamphlet, or radio broadcast would be sufficient cause for being laughed out of town. In the United States of today, well that's a different story - O'Bagy took what one rebel group said about themselves and proudly presented it as proof positive that these rebels were actually pretty nice guys who deserved our support. Wow, I never thought about asking people to just tell us if they are good guys or bad guys.

In the end, Ms. O' Bagy was discovered to have lied about her level of education and consequently was forced from her job. That wrinkle in her career was short; in time she obtained a new position as a reward for her lies. The filthily dishonest, "bomb-everyone" himself , The Honorable Senator John McCain of Arizona has acquired to services of ms. O'Bagy so that she will continue to have a platform to spew her propaganda. Here she will be able to ensure that  Christians will continue to be slaughtered and that sovereign nations will be undermined to facilitate the ultimate end of national governments - and not just in the Middle and Near East.

Why not? Our beloved Senator assures us that the rebels are a great group of guys:

Here is a lesson for us all. If a capable  individual wants no part of the political, university, and journalistic world, the place that an honest person could have taken will be filled by  someone whose only desire is to have power over others. People who themselves have an agenda, particularly one for Social Engineering and control in general, will not be satisfied with  being good citizens with productive jobs who have (true) sympathy for the defenseless, and an appreciation for the society in which they were born and bred . They will spend years sucking up to their co-conspirator Leftist professors in Academia to obtain recommendations for internships, where they begin again with spewing whatever garbage their new bosses want to hear; all for the chance to be an appendage of the Beast. They will, like Samantha Powers, assert that the United States has been "stingy" with foreign aid. They will, like Ms.O'Bagy, work tirelessly to promote the causes of groups that routinely slaughter helpless people.

All this to help The Cause - providing Islamists with the chance to unify former sovereign nation's in either a pan-Islamic confederation or a restored Caliphate and the weakening of Western nations to create the need for the (as they would say) end of the obsolete notion of nation-states.

"The men whom the people ought to choose to represent them are too busy to take the jobs.
But the politician [ Journalist/Academician/Social Engineer] is waiting for it.
He's the pestilence of modern times.
What we should try to do is make politics as local as possible.
Keep the politicians near enough to kick them.
The villagers who met under the village tree could also hang their politicians [Journalist/Academician/Social Engineer] to the tree.
It's terrible to contemplate how few politicians [Journalist/Academician/Social Engineer] are hung today." G.K. Chesterton

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