Monday, December 16, 2013

North Carolina GOP Not Supportive of Article V Convention

Hat tip to New Jersey Patriot.

This is most certainly bad news.

The momentum that we have seen for Article V conventions*  hit a big snag in the Tarheel State. I have noted in previous posts that North Carolina, for a southeastern state, tends to reads dangerously close to being a Left-leaning state**. I find that quite disappointing as NC has been the annual family vacation destination of ours for many years. We love the people, the history, the towns, and of course the beaches. My youngest is 17 and he would pass on any other place to return to the spot in which he spent much of his life for his summer vacation.

[Written by William Moore - Bio is at the end of the post on the Beaufort Observer link]

"It would not be fair if I did not start out buy commenting on how well the Republicans have done since they have taken over both houses of the NC General Assembly and the Governor's Office. They have developed long range plans that will help this state become stronger economically, lower taxes, deal with excessive regulations and initiated the beginnings of a new bold approach to Education.

However when they are wrong, I must call them on what I perceive as their major mistake. As Conservative/ Republicans we all believe the Federal Government has gone too far in extending its power and violates the Constitution almost daily. Examples include excessive regulations that hurt business, collapsing state rights from the 10th amendments, Money bills starting in the Senate instead of the House, and selectively deciding which parts of a law it will enforce. Out of control spending, and deficits are the new norm. Even Liberal Constitutional experts have started to comment on how dangerous it is becoming when the Constitution is being trampled upon.

Most ordinary people agree the Government is broken and we believe they are incapable of fixing it. Nor do they want to. Too many elected Officials have placed their own re-election and their Political Party ahead of what is good for the Nation The only legal solutions left to the people are passing Constitutional Amendments that will force the Government to do the right things for the Nation. These amendments could include a balanced budget requirement, and term limits on Congress just to name two possibilities. Another would force Congress to be subjected to the laws they pass. The only way for this to happen is a Call for a Convention of States with a specific agenda for consideration. If 38 State legislatures call for a convention, it must happen. If 38 states pass any Constitutional Amendments, they take effect without the consent of Congress, the President or the Supreme Court.

One would think our legislature would jump at the chance to limit Federal expansion and to shore up States rights under the 10th amendment. Much to my surprise, I found out our State legislator have joined with the Democrats to try to rescind any NC previous calls for a Convention of States and is urging other state legislatures to do the same.
As I spoke with friends and researched the facts the following cannot be refuted and can be confirmed by going to the general Assembly website:...........

I urge all readers, friends and their families to contact their State legislators and ask them to support a Convention of States. You asked us to trust you and we did, now trust us."

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