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School Parents Feign Fear at Sight of Cop-Dad's Gun While in Uniform

Fro what I have experienced, this is not unbelievable at all. It is nothing more than another example of the state to which your society has sunk, and I have an anecdote to back up my opening sentence.

"The image of a uniformed police officer dropping off his daughter at her elementary school was apparently too scary of an image for some parents in Mesa, Ariz. It’s not his uniform that is making them uncomfortable, it’s the gun holstered on his hip.

The principal at Entz Elementary School hasreportedly asked the father not to wear his police uniform on campus ever again because parents are concerned that he carries a firearm.

Now, “a lot of people” are “shocked and upset” over the decision, KSAZ-TV reports.

The officer, Scott Urkov of the Coolidge Police Department, only dropped his daughter off at her school........"

I would bet any amount of money that the very same parents who complained to the principle would stand by cowering while students were truly in danger and express their relief when they see a police car coming down the road. Once the threat is over, however, they pridefully insist that the same cops refrain from going near the school.

Back in January of this year, I recounted my experience with this snobbish, pseudo-intellectual, and self-righteous insistence that we as a people should make ourselves as sheep-like as possible. This one had nothing to do with parents who would be the first to shrink from acting in the event of an actual threat and do nothing but await the arrival of the cops - it was all the work of the school administrators.

"....I am reminded of an incident to which I was assigned back in my days as a Police Bomb Technician. A local High School had received a threat. We responded, performed a threat assessment, took measures that we felt were appropriate, and notified the School Principal that were confident that the school could return to its schedule. With the investigation to identify the actor having been turned over to detectives, we went to the main office in order to take some necessary information for our reports. While waiting for the Principal to finish a telephone conversation, we were engaged in conversation by the Vice-Principal. He was a nice enough guy, but his comments betrayed the sheep mentality that too many of us have today. The gentleman remarked that the Principal was not sure, once he had been notified about the threat, whether or not he was going to report the threat to the police. "Because, he was worried about - (Then whispering to us) the guns." (meaning our firearms and those of the local police".

Those who now me personally can imagine how indescribably steamed I got at the thought that a man who is responsible for the safety of his students would be pridefully stupid enough to entertain the possibility of ruling out making notifications to the police. He had greater concern that the cops would then enter the school while in possession of firearms than he did about the possibility that a destructive device may have been placed in the school. Nothing flips my lid more than a mixture of pride and stupidity gift-wrapped to look like honest concern (Please apply that to the School Officials in the case of the deaf boy). Needless to say, I made no comment and blank-stared the man until he got the hint. I was in uniform and thus representing my employer, so I felt that debate was not appropriate. I saved my anger for the parking lot and the presence of my coworkers...."

We as a people have enthusiastically adopted the outlook that the Left told us that we wanted. We have slowly turned ourselves into haughty idiots who assure themselves that is they who are the intelligent ones. We are too good to have to ever see a weapon. We forbid our children from the most natural act of role-playing with toy or imaginary weapons. We instill in them the aberrant idea that the use of weapons is an inherently inhuman act. 

For boys in particular, this can be terribly damaging to his sense of identity. The male brain, (and rarely with females), is literally bathed with doses of testosterone in utero. Among the results of this phenomena is the tendency of males to act out acts of fighting, an extraordinary healthy practice if given  proper direction and equally unhealthy if suppressed, channeled improperly, or left unchecked. 

A boy that learns to fight "the bad guy" (Power Rangers has been a typical means of this for about twenty years) will  grow up with a normal outlook on life and appreciate the significance of his place in society. He will play-act fighting, enlist others in his imaginary crusades against evil, often using sticks for makeshift swords and turning many objects into "guns". Girls occasionally will join in with this type of play, but gradually they begin to recognize that when trouble arrives it will be the guys who are doing most of the fighting. Females with healthy attitudes will not suppress this natural reality but be appreciative of it.- note the accounts of ancient Celtic/Gaulish and German women who are recorded as baring their breasts to their men and exhorting them to fight well enough to save them from being made "slaves of the Romans".

One who has had this path of learning suppressed will be more prone to turn out like one of my son's high school teachers, who described  to his class the feelings of abject fear that he experienced the one time that he ever held a firearm in his hands. In short, as a man he was utterly worthless and, aside from maybe being a nice guy, of little value to society. He was very much like the parents - both men and equally twisted women, in the article above. 

Here is another excerpt. The Roman people of the fifth century AD remind me of of many Americans today. Long safe from external threats that require the enlistment of local men to fight, an army that by the fifth century point has consisted almost solely of barbarian auxiliaries/foederates (today many  parents insist that their child "will never be in the military") and accustomed to lives spent in peace and consumerism, they had nothing left to fall back on to defend themselves once the last Romano-Vandal General Stilicho was murdered on the order of the emperor.

The Visigoths had nothing to stand in their way:

".....In 410 AD the Visigothic King Alaric approached the Gates of Rome. What was left of the Roman army had been unable to challenge this march on the city. The people had long been unaccustomed to do any of their own fighting. After being giving of the terms, which included the removal of vast amounts of money and treasure, he was asked by the city's delegation what would be left of them.
Alaric replied "Your Lives"

-Others have not been as generous as Alaric when it comes to allowing people to be secure in their lives and bodies. Read the excerpts from the American Thinker article quoted below to see some examples of what can happen to unarmed peoples. (Bolded text)

The Left is so distraught at the thought of people being able and willing to take decisive action to eliminate violent threats that they would rather we be a society of pure victims. Worse still, many people have accepted this argument and called for the disarming of the entire population. I have met many an adult American man who is perfectly fine with the thought of having no effective means whatsoever of protecting even his home....."

I do not have the patience to reason with unreasonable people; they disgust me too much.

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