Sunday, October 20, 2013

Conservative US Writer Disparages France's National Front Party

Barely a day goes by in which I am not beset my reminders of why the West is in such grave danger.

All we seem to do is bicker among ourselves,  point fingers at each other, and fail to see what is at stake - and this is precisely what they enemy wants us to do.

I have found Michael Curtis to be a writer who has a knack for seeing and explaining the problem(s) and the solutions for many of the threats facing the United States, and that is exactly why he needed to be singled out.  In a recent piece in American Thinker, Curtis inexplicably treats the National Front (FN - Front National) Party of France as a problem that needs to be dealt with by the French people.

I will not go into detail on Curtis' charges, but I will note that it is ridiculous to even mention that the founder of the party denied the horrors and magnitude of the Holocaust as its current leader, Marine le Pen, does not, nor does a denial of the Holocaust have any part in the current position of the FP.

The greatest tragedy of Curtis' piece is that here he, wittingly or not, plays the same game as the Leftists and their allies who are his most common targets. When one desires to denigrate a group or political party that is virtually alone in addressing some of the most severe threats to a nation or its identity, the easiest means of doing so is to marginalize the very problems that plague a nation or people.

This could be an act of intellectual snobbery, an honest ignorance of the current societal climate in France (and the rest of Western Europe), or a fear of being labeled as a racist for failing to join in with the attacks on the FP and related groups. If I had to bet money on my opinion of Curtis' case, I would take the latter with confidence - American conservatives or notorious for jumping through flaming hoops  in order to avoid the racist label. This fear of the "R" word leads to a habitual skirting of reality, a practice that in time becomes ingrained in one's way of thinking. The tragic consequence such practices is that many individuals are influenced by writers such as Curtis and turn a blind eye to the threat.

The enormous problem with violent crime and "creeping sharia" in Western Europe has a direct correlation with the massive and ongoing flood of immigrants from Muslim-majority. I know that is is stating the over-obvious, but we must note that at this point the FP is the only party that is making an effort to do anything about it. Center-right parties have their leaders and representatives who pay lip-service to the "failings of multiculturalism" but their actions stop immediately following their words, and the problems continue to grow in quantity and severity.

If Curtis and his types do not like the FP or similar groups then they need to come up with their own solutions to the problem or ferme la bouche. The French are the ones who are experiencing dire threats to their livelihoods, security, and national identity that make ours pale in comparison, and it is they who have an absolute right and obligation to take measures to take their nation back.

If Curtis' daughter (if he has one) was studying in Paris, then I suspect that he would be singing a different tune.

American conservatives are, rightly so, quite annoyed when Western Europeans get on their high horse and denigrate Americans who do not call for an end to the death penalty, so what we need to do is show support for our cultural cousins on the other side of the pond rather than point fingers back at them when they make decisions.

The only way that the Left and their allies can expect an easy victory is if their opponents remain divided. Religious and secular conservatives need to find common ground. Cultivating an appreciation for the best aspects of Western Culture is a good start. Seculars would do well to recognize the significant contributions of Christianity and Judaism, and, religious people would in turn help themselves a lot if they couch their opposition to travesties such as gay marriage - not in religious terms, but in language that notes the very real threat of governments taking on powers that no government can, by its very nature, posses.

Both side also need to admit that the Western Churches and Western secular/civil arms both reached their respective peaks of strengths because - despite the  occasional imperium and sacerdotium conflicts, they complemented more than they hurt each other each other. Western Europe would never had had the innumerable accomplishments that we cherish without a Christian society, and with the secular arm, the Western Churches would likely have been overrun by Islam several times over.  

Either way, they who recognize that the Western world is under siege had better stop finding fault with other Westerners who are making an effort to improve the situation, especially when a political party seeks to maintain a France that is comprised mostly of French people.

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