Saturday, October 12, 2013

French National Front Leader Addresses Immigration Crush

The Left (with Pope Francis recently joining them) have long been in the business of making Westerners feel guilty about the plight of people who illegally enter their nations. As with the sob stories about Mexicans and others from Central American facing criminals, dehydration, and other hazards (while breaking the law) that are routinely leveled at us to make us feel bad, Western Europeans too have been the targets of propaganda designed to cause one to feel guilty about protecting the integrity and security of their nations.

A case in point for Europe is the island of Lampedusa, which lies just south of Sicily. Having the (mis)fortune to be reachable by rickety boats yet a part of the land of good and plenty, illegals from the North African mainland have been inundating this island for many years, with the turmoil in Tunisia and Libya only adding fuel to the fire.

Pope Francis, epitomizing the utter lack of appreciation amounting to disdain that the Catholic Church has come to have for the societies and cultures that both long protected the Church and contributed much to its present form*, used the recent tragedy in which almost two hundred illegals died in a capsizing incident to insist that Westerners commit their already-stretched resources to enable any and all would-be migrants to reach Europeans shores safely.

This amounts to a directive to ignore a truckload of factors: Social service resources are not inexhaustible. For a nation to be prosperous enough to help, it has to be allowed to remain somewhat prosperous. Crimes of violence and fraud escalate exponentially in areas with high concentrations of individuals from Islamic-majority countries. Democratic, Republican, or any representative governments (as many historians such as Roger Scruton - for one, noted) do not function well in nations that do not have a population that has, at the very least, a reasonable degree of cultural cohesiveness; adding more people from utterly foreign cultures than can be successfully integrated is a recipe for a radially-changed electorate - one that will likely create systems of government of the type that the newcomers left in the first place.

Pope Francis is fast establishing himself as a cleric whose voice should be largely ignored by citizens of the very societies that are most associated with the Church that he heads, Note that this coming from a devout Catholic who understands that the Church had better begin to admit to its true identity before the Vatican becomes a body with little or no adherents in the region in which it is located.

Marine Le Pen (I refrained from using her name in the title as Americans would likely assume that I was referring to a member of the Marine Corps), who is the leader of the National Party of France, recently spoke about the need to dismiss the urge to allow feelings of guilt to influence decisions that have to be made that concern the well being of Westerners and their societies. Gates of Vienna has the video of the speech and a more compete commentary(link below):

"Following the tragedy of Lampedusa European Governments prepare to facilitate
the access of foreigners to Europe. It is clear that the diplomacy of emotion is the most dangerous and least adapted to the situation. It is exactly the contrary we have to do.
The moment you let these men and women think they can risk their lives and if they manage to put foot on European territory, they will be saved and they can remain on European territory and they can be taken care of, and their children can be schooled for free
and they can get free medicals, I say “free” in quotation marks of course it’s not “free” it’s paid for by our communities that they get social housing, that they benefit From social services which we cannot afford even for our own compatriots, then they will attempt this adventure and you will be personally responsible MORALLY for the deaths which will happen during this terrible risk taking. Obviously the only means to stop those deaths that multiply is to send a clear signal of firmness, to explain that it’s not worth to attempt this crazy adventure because we will be firm and we will send these illegal immigrants back home this is the only solution which is viable, which is humane, humane, for them and for us."

Good for her. The Left will howl in protest, but she is, beyond a shadow of a doubt, absolutely correctWesterner should not be penalized for the centuries of effort (not without wars, plagues and other obstacles) that they went through to create what has been bequeathed to them.

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