Monday, October 7, 2013

School Labels Girl Athlete as Overweight

Standardized height and weight charts do not work for all people. Often enough, individuals who have naturally strong physiques and/ or regularly engage in strenuous physical activity will, if the standard methods are used, fall into a category that classifies them as overweight.  

In the case of an 11 year-old girl in Florida, school officials seem to have made no effort to note that the height and weight measurement system that they were using did not appear to provide an accurate assessment. True to form for they who have been taught that the system that the experts can't be wrong, they ignored what they saw with their own eyes and robotically recorded that she has a weight problem.

This is the girl:

“Lily is tall, athletic, solid muscle by no means is she overweight,”
[The girl's mother Kristen] Grasso told the local news station.

I concur with her mom.

American girls, who are routinely subjected to a nonstop barrage of overt and subliminal messages that tell them that they need to lose weight, have a disproportionate amount of eating disorders in comparison to girls from others countries. Even discounting that sad reality, I find it quite sickening that no one involved was willing to step forward and state the obvious - that the measurement system used provided a plainly wrong assessment for this student. 

So, to do their jobs as initiative-lacking agents of the machine, school staff had the girl going home with the nagging thought that maybe she does need to lose weight.

This is another example of the non-thinking method of going about our lives that has followed the rule of the Progressives. Pathetically few people are willing to raise their hand in protest and note that the emperor has no clothes. 

Does anyone wonder why college students who study to become Kindergarten - Fourth grade teachers are unable to realize that Academia-enforced methods such as "Sight Words/Dolch System"(*See bottom) will not work and subsequently take an obviously non-working system back to their students? 

The culture created by the Progressives smothers any notion of common sense, leaving students vulnerable to whatever drivel is fed to them in class. They who do see that something is wrong with what they are being taught are restrained from speaking up by the other pincer employed by the Progressives - the one that ridicules the thinker and labels him as "resistant to change" or "difficult".

A similar event occurred is March of this year:

"The state of Massachusetts thinks 10-year-old Cameron Watson is fat, and they sent a letter to his family letting them know.

The multi-sport athlete and wrestling champion is roughly 94 pounds, but his school said in a letter that based on his BMI, the child is overweight.

“I wrestle, play football, baseball, I ride bikes, play basketball, baseball, MMA,” Cameron objected. “I know I’m not obese so I don’t really care about the letter…I just crumpled it up.”........

"...The system of arbitrarily using height/weight charts or Body Mass Indicator standards is an example of how the state wants to neatly define everyone while ignoring anything unique about an individual. These systems can only be used to get a tentative assessment, not to determine conclusively whether or not a person needs to lose weight....."

"They" will not stop unless we break with them politically. We can't keep running around putting out fires while a conflagration rages in all quarters of our society.

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