Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Pope Francis Opening Floodgates

For many high-ranking officials in the Catholic Church, the excitement is just too much to bear; they just can't wait to start plastering over practices and disciplines until the Church is neutered to the degree that we have seen in too many Mainline Protestant churches:


"PARIS, FRANCE — The Vatican warned bishops on Tuesday not to reform faster than Pope Francis, after a German diocese said that some divorced and remarried Catholics would now be allowed to receive communion and other sacraments.

Vatican spokesman Rev Federico Lombardi, announcing the pope would hold a special synod of bishops in October 2014 to discuss issues facing the family, said local churches that come up with their own reforms in the meantime could create confusion.

Pope Francis has indicated he could consider exceptions to a Church law that bars remarried Catholics from the sacraments because Rome considers marriage to be inviolable. Many bishops have mentioned this as a growing problem in their dioceses.

The archdiocese of Freiburg in Germany issued a guidebook on Monday for priests ministering to remarried Catholics that spelled out a way for them to express remorse for their failed first marriage and receive communion and other sacraments......"

There is most assuredly more of this to come.  For thirty-five years, the liberals in the Church have, excepting a few hard-core types, sheltered in place awaiting their moment. This is exactly that for which they have waited - a Pope who deliberately misrepresents the Christian concept of love to mean a Barney the Dinosaur "I love you, you love me" video, treats the terrible state of morality in the world  as something to ignore, would open the gates of the West wide open to all comers, uses the world "conscience" to mean telling oneself that you can do what you want despite what God is telling you, dismisses the horrific evils of our world for a focus on unemployment and loneliness, and - worst of all speaks of bringing people to the Gospel as "solemn nonsense".

Thirty-five years is a long time, and the Church-breaking Liberals are like kids who can't wait for their now-formerly strict parents to even go through the motions of giving permission for their next step.

The Church is poised to be rendered irrelevant by its leader.When Christianity is no longer taught or required in practice by the faithful, people will leave. When the Church becomes a partner of the Left in the political spectrum, it will have no further purpose as people don't need yet another body telling them that they are too greedy. 

Unless there is a schism within the Church or a large-scale embracing of Eastern Orthodoxy, what may well soon be Left of Christianity in the West will be the Evangelicals and Fundamentalists. These, while sadly eschewing any attachments at all to Western Culture and by extension having a sort of Islamic outlook on the world that breaks down all identifying characteristics into Christians (Which to them does not include Mainline Protestants, Orthodox, or Catholics) and non-Christians, at least preach and defend their particular versions of Christianity. They may preach modern doctrines such as non-regenerating baptism or the Rapture, but most of them do not hide from confronting immorality and will teach the messages of sin and redemption. 

I hope that the leaders of the Orthodox Churches make every effort to get Pope Francis to put a stop to his destructive activity. Such a move would be a reversal of the influence that the West employed against the Arian (The doctrinal crisis, not Aryan) Heresy when many bishops in the East had signed on to the terribly dangerous beliefs about the Son. Barring any success there, the Orthodox would then need to make it known to Catholics that their are options other than joining a church that tells you that your kids should not write letters to Santa Claus, read about pre-Christian heroes, go trick-or-treating on Halloween, or have any childlike fun reading books about mythical creatures. 

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