Saturday, October 5, 2013

Pope Francis The Iconoclast

I had heard nothing about this doozy when it occurred, and only caught wind about it today:

"Pope Francis has stopped conferring the title “monsignor” on priests.

The Italian daily Il Messagero has reported that shortly after his election, the Pope instructed the Secretariat of State to stop approving requests for priests to be given the rank of monsignor. The Pope said that the moratorium on granting the title should continue at least until October; it is not clear whether he will continue the new policy beyond that time.....

A priest is ordinarily raised to the status of “monsignor” on the recommendation of his diocesan bishop. However, all such honorary titles require the approval of the Holy See"

Firstly, here is a link for those who are not sure of, or are not familiar with, the meaning of the title of Monsignor as (formerly) used in the Catholic Church:

I am growing quite concerned with the activities of Pope Francis. Upon his election, he deliberate avoided wearing the traditional vestments for a newly-elected Pope. Soon after that, he flippantly included a female in the solemn foot-washing portion of the Holy Thursday liturgy. By September of this year, he was stating that we should find better things about which we should voice our concerns than abortion and the arch-aberrant gay marriage onslaught. He moved quickly on to telling Westerners that they should open their national doors to most anyone who arrives with a request to stay. In the same interview he added the implication that Westerner's perfectly understandable fears of loss of national identity, rise of violent crime, "loss of security", and loss of employment to newcomers, (all of which have been plainly occurring for a long time) were not rational and thereby should be dismissed.*

Not content to rest with these remarks, Pope Francis changed gears, seeking out an atheist journalist to tell him that any attempt to bring the interviewer to Christianity was "solemn nonsense", to speak of Christian love without any reference to correction or holiness, to use the word 'conscience" in the modern secular sense that utterly ignores the fact that true feelings of conscience do not contradict God's Word, and to tell us that, with all of the horrors of our world, the two worst evils are youth unemployment and lonely elderly people.**

With the revelation that early in his Papacy he ordered a moratorium on the conferring of the time-honored title of Monsignor being added to this list, I cannot help but come to the conclusion that we have a full-blown iconoclast sitting on the Chair of Peter. 

This Pope has been a high-ranking official of the Church for too long be unaware of the core elements of Christianity. He is too educated to be ignorant that prosperous and secure nations can be wrecked by unrestrained immigration of peoples from very different cultures and that Western Culture itself is a key element in the formation of the Western Church.(Also in *)

When someone who cannot be assumed to act in ignorance consistently makes statements contrary to the good order of the societies that protected and helped form the Church, and deliberately acts as if the core beliefs of the body which he heads do not exist or are not necessary, then I hold that we are witnessing one who has come, not to lead, but to destroy - either that or Pope Francis lost his mind before his election.

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