Wednesday, October 23, 2013

EU Court Orders Basque Terrorists Released

The European Union has proven that there is no feature of national sovereignty left in its member countries that cannot be undone by the unelected commissariat of the regional Socialist superstate.

My Spanish is good enough to read articles, but it is not sufficient to translate effectively for the reader. I was unable to find any articles in English that dealt with the court-ordered release of anyone other than Ines del Rio Prada - a vicious butcher herself , but the European Human Rights Court is ordering the releasing of over sixty imprisoned ETA terrorists, with up to 130 more cases expected to fall under this ruling.

We are not talking about rebels who were engaged in fighting the Spanish Army. These people were cold-blooded murderers who murdered members of the police and the Civil Guard, and in some cases deliberately targeted children in their campaigns of terror. Bombings. rape, shootings, have all now been assigned the status of minor criminal offenses by the EU.

The People of Western Europe are being told in no uncertain terms that their nations are not their own, and the vestigial and impotent  national governments (in this case, that of Spain) are meekly complying with the high-handed diktats of the court. The People are to accept that their history is not their own, that they have no right to enforce their own criminal laws or have any right to a secure society, and are implicitly being informed that the fault lies with themselves for having allowed the conditions that "create" terrorism to exist.

The Spanish government blandly assured their citizens that the current policy against terrorism will not be changed.

One can imagine the pain and outrage of the family members of the victims. In the case of the police and Civil Guard who were murdered, family and coworkers alike must wonder what exactly it was for which their fathers and fellow officers died.

The sickest part of the first article notes that the court, in a masquerade of  gravity, ruled that the released terrorists were not to be treated as heroes upon their return home. Of course, their supporters will do what they want and will take an "or else what?"* approach to that pointless prohibition.

* - an American English idiomatic phrase having connotations that one will do what he desires and asks "and what are you going to do about it?' - defiantly implying that nothing will be done in response.

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