Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Nurses to Perform Abortions in California

This travesty makes allowances not only nurses, but midwives as well. Maybe I got this wrong, but aren't midwives in the business of helping women give birth?

"Reuters) - California's Democratic governor signed a law on Wednesday that will allow nurses and midwives to perform some abortions, a move supporters hope will influence the national debate on abortion even as other states are tightening the rules.

Under the law, the most populous U.S. state would allow nurse-practitioners, nurse-midwives and physician assistants to perform a procedure known as aspiration, which uses suction to dislodge an embryo from the uterine wall during the first few weeks of pregnancy.

Four other states - Oregon, Montana, Vermont and New Hampshire - already allow non-physicians to perform early-stage abortions, but California is the first to codify the practice into law.

"Timely access to reproductive health services is critical to women's health," the bill's author, California state Assemblywoman Toni Atkins said in a statement after Governor Jerry Brown announced the signing of the law, known as AB 154......."

As I have little patience for treating a subject that defies the Creator, dehumanizes women and their unborn, makes psychological problems far more likely for abortion victims*, contributes mightily to a decline in population (for the most blessed of nations in particular), and makes health care into a two-sided world of good and evil, I will refrain from commenting much in this case.

What I will note is that we again see that our nation is divided in to two diametrically opposing camps and, unlike our Civil War, this time armed conflict will not help the problem. Politics and exhortations to step back and think too are proving to yield negative results. The sooner that the People realize that we need to let one side have their way in a separate nation and split our beloved republic, the better for all of us. While we complain and try to persuade others of the efficacy of taking  the right path, more and more young people are being trained in schools to look at horrors such as abortion as a good and necessary thing. With midwives being added to the list of approved killers, something should click in the mind of the reasonable person that this pattern will not stop unless the problem can be isolated. The only means of doing so is to excise the infected tissue and keep the living flesh as clean as possible.

*The post below has three links (near the middle of the post)  that put to rest the claim that abortion does not increase the likelihood of post-abortion psychological trauma. 

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