Monday, October 21, 2013

Petition Signed By Supporters of a US Police State

I have seen a lot of videos lately in which passers-by are asked to sign petitions for all sorts of fictional but inherently un-American programs. These have included full bans on privately-owned firearms, governmental suppression of Tea Party members, etc. Not that I can vouch for that none of them are staged, but they do give one cause to reflect on the sad state of the enthusiastically ignorant electorate in the US. This most recent video (in link below), though, tops them all. The speaker repeatedly shows success in obtaining signatures of people who support the (the speakers's words) "police state", the "Orwellian police state", and a state modeled after the Nazis - all for the stated purpose of keeping us safe.

Note that the hyperlinks in the text below will take the reader to other videos made by Mark Dice , who - as he operates in the United States, resides in a target-rich environment of willing would-be subjects of totalitarianism and naive idiots.

"Citing issues with how the government shutdown has impacted the ability of the police to “keep the community safe,” Dice tells San Diegans that there is a need to “increase the Orwellian system.”

“Not a problem,” responds one man
as he signs the petition.

“We just want to model it after the Nazi Germany system to keep people safe and secure,” Dice tells another individual.

After signing the petition to “implement the Orwellian police state,” another man responds, “You find the pot of money though,” apparently more concerned about how much a Nazi-style police state would cost than its actual consequences.

“They’re trying to cut the budget by 20 per cent so we just want to make sure that we can model the police state after the Nazi Germany system,” Dice tells another couple who sign the petition, before adding, “Thanks for supporting the police state.”

“We’re going to model it after the Nazi Germany-style police state,” Dice clearly tells another man who signs the petition.

We need this Orwellian-style system to keep everybody safe,” Dice tells a woman as she is signing the petition, to which she responds, “Yeah.”..........

He quite clearly spells it out to them on numerous occasions what they are supporting – an Orwellian police state modeled on Nazi Germany.

Dice’s previous videos illustrate how Americans are willing to support just about anything, so long as it is done in the name of supporting Obama or the government, including granting Obama immunity for all crimes he commits while in office, adding birth control drugs to the water supply, and repealing the 2nd, 4th and 5th amendments to the Constitution while detaining gun owners in concentration camps......"

All politics aside, I would like to know if anyone believes that the United States is not already two utterly separate nations. 

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