Thursday, October 10, 2013

Embryonic Stem Cells Again Proven Not the Only Option

This is one of the rare occasions when I treat an issue purely related to science, but when I read the article I was struck with memories from the period of roughly 1998-2005.

Firstly, a brief quote:

"Researchers from the University of Cambridge have developed a new technique for creating stem cells of the human liver and pancreas – a breakthrough that could significantly transform the future of transplant therapies.

The novel method involves altering the signal pathways of cells specific to the human foregut – the upper portion of the gastrointestinal (GI) tract. Through this manipulation, researchers were able to stop the cells from developing fully and push them into a state of constant self-renewal.

As a result, these “foregut stem cells” can then be further amplified by physicians, who can then form them into liver or pancreatic cells. These cells could potentially be used to treat damaged organs or tissue, in addition to conditions such as type 1 diabetes or metabolic liver disease......"

Most can recall when we were told again and again that the only means of obtaining stem cells that would be viable for growth of organs, skin, nerves, etc, would be through the dark use of human embryonic stem cells. Even at the time, I doubted that this would in fact turn out to be true; medical science is proving to have very few limitations and its practitioners are making gains by leaps and bounds. 

When umbilical and other types of stem cells began to show promise to do the same thing as those taken-from harvested embryos, it was if the Left and its allies were emotionally devastated. For the next few years, it seemed every article about new types of stem cell research provoked a hue and cry from those who so desperately wanted humans to be reduced to the status of crops.

Make no mistake here - that is exactly what the Left desires. 

What vexed me at the time was the utter lack of critical thinking among many of my coworkers in regards to this subject. Not only were they completely trusting of the propaganda that assured us that embryonic cells were the only option, but almost all of them were fully supportive of going forward with the patently inhuman practice of creating human embryos for the purpose of harvesting them. I saw a people who had been convinced that we have an absolute right to anything, regardless of the source, that would help cure our physical afflictions. Many of  the most vocal supporters of using embryos were people who labeled themselves as Conservatives. These would note that they were only conservative on fiscal issues. Well, that's great - be protective of his material blessings while thumbing your nose at your obligation to protect His creation. 

I cannot remember one individual who was willing to admit to himself that this method was sickening at best and also set the stage for the eventual growth of fetuses for the same purpose. 

I was the subject of taunts and accusations that, if I were to become paralyzed, I would be the first person to support the process. My response (not that I am glad to have had this particular one), that if a cure for my severely cognitively disabled son's condition was not sufficient motivation for such a gruesome practice, then I suspect that my own would also prove to be insufficient. In the US, we say "that shut them up".

We have turned away from God - virtually in toto, and we revel in the delusion that we can maintain the prosperity with which he blessed us indefinitely without paying the least bit of attention to Him and his work. As I noted recently, even Pope Francis has repeatedly implied that our purpose here is to do little more than spread the wealth and be nice to each other. To my knowledge, he has not once proclaimed the actual core messages of the Gospel since his installation. 

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