Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Relentless Attacks on Our 2nd Amendment Rights

Above are just a few examples of what we are facing.

A person who would not have been approved to purchase or own his own firearms murders his mother with hers, then slaughters innocent children and teachers with the same, and those who legally own and responsibly posses firearms are targeted for confiscation, registration, recording of private sales, excise fees/taxes, and other forms of governmental coercive power.

Americans have no reason to doubt that the most overt steps in the suppression of their freedoms are being taken as we speak. The Left is putting their full weight behind this move. It is as if they feel that a similar slaughter will not happen soon enough to suit their tastes for the absolute control of the people.

The ownership of arms of practical effectiveness to protect against oppression and to support the defense of a country and community is a core piece of Western societies, and that is why the Left has every intention of doing away with it. Every aspect of Western culture has been mocked, derided, ignored, and kept from the ears and eyes of our young people. With that comes the lie that the citizen has no right or business to stand in defense of himself, his family, or his neighborhood.

The tragedy is that far too many people have enthusiastically accepted this relegation to a position of enforced defenselessness.

This fight must be fought. We have no right to allow a key safeguard of our freedom and culture to be torn from us. The severe restrictions, registrations, and database entries on purchases will not prevent a single slaughter, but they will certainly provide the means for future confiscations on a grand scale.

Do not kid yourself, no laws that may be passed in the next few months will satiate the desire of the Left to disarm the people entirely. Anything that they are able to get passed now is only the first big step towards making us a people who will be cowering in our homes, fully dependent on the police, and powerless to prevent any further losses of our freedoms.

Don't let the next few weeks/months go without taking a stand. The people featured in the photo at the top of this blog page also were told that, if they submitted, things would be fine. Determined to protect their freedoms and the legacy bequeathed to them, they refused to submit. The result was the salvation of Western Civilization in its earliest stages.

We have a solemn obligation to refrain from throwing away the freedoms that were preserved at Thermopylae  Salamis, and Plataea.

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