Monday, January 14, 2013

How Many Gun Owners Would be Made Criminals?

The Progressives (Read- US Marxists) are quite fond of reminding us how many people are in US prisons and lecturing us on all the things that we need to do to remedy this dilemma.

None of these, mind you,  include making it clear that crimes should not be committed  The solutions offered by these angry and passionate defenders of those who violate laws run the gamut from spending vast sums of money to provide people with (Yet More) free goods and services (After all, the Left holds that private property created crime -  I guess that rape is not a crime to them), counsel them to be nice, and to find ways to convince them that what they did is not appropriate. The main point that Progressives of this vein is that crimes are committed due to failures of the system to distribute wealth properly and to make all persons equally [in] capable of accomplishment.

As we wait to see what plans Obama will unveil in his big push to disarm Americans, I have wondered how many more people the Progressives would be willing to imprison. Locking up those who refuse to be disarmed would not hurt the sensibilities of Progressives as gun owners, who almost to a one earn enough to pay taxes, are not the victims but the problem. It is this group that must be targeted to be rendered powerless, then so be it.

Let's look firstly at the AR-15 type of firearm since an estimated *2,446,294 of these are owned privately. If these weapons are banned and marked for surrender or forced buybacks, and 95% (I am being extremely generous here) of those who own them acquiesce to this (yet) hypothetical seizure, how many new criminals would be created by a ban? I will generously assume that, of this number, 25% of them are owned by people who posses two of them, which reduces the total number by 611,573.5. 

If 95% of the remaining, just under 1,743,000, surrender their firearms or submit to the ban-prep of registration, that leaves the better part of 92,000 Americans, who have never committed a crime and have paid taxes as adults, as newly-made criminals.

Note that this only concerns owners of AR-15's. Note included are other semiautomatic external magazine-fed rifles such a civilian AK-47's, Ruger ranch rifles, and all the others types of weapons that would be included in a ban or registration scheme.Ownership of those also numbers in the millions.

Needless to say, it would be conservative to add only another 100,000 Americans owners of the above-mentioned firearms who would refuse to surrender or register their guns - and that again, is allowing that a full 95%, far more than I would suspect, meekly gives in to new legislation.

This leaves us with, at the very least, almost 200,000 people who have been made criminals by their own elected officials.

That is a lot of people to prosecute and throw into jail. Will they parole those currently serving prison sentences to make room?

I would not put it past them, but that does not change my mind. I cannot sacrifice the freedoms of my children and future grandchildren.

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